RSK Capital Paper Key for Week 41, 2017/2018 Pools Season

Our games from RSK Capital International Pools Forecast Paper for last week 40 were reliably accurate and spot on. Why change a winning formula when it has not stopped working?

As usual, we do not have an idea when our current winning sequence from this forecast paper will fail, but that does not deter us from posting the information here. We just need you to understand that every good thing must come to an end, and nobody knows exactly when that day will come.

Thus, we encourage you to investigate our games before using them. Do not accept them the way they are presented on this page, rather, try to scrutinize them carefully before investing your hard-earned money on them. Do not forget to bet responsibly.

Moving on, We welcome you to week 41 of the 2017/2018 UK football betting pools season. We are glad to share with you this week reliable information on the probable banker games from RSK Capital International pools paper.

As a reminder, be informed that our forecast sequence may not be 100% percent accurate, so we urge you to verify the information below on your own and at your own spare time.

With regard to this current week 41, we will simply remind those of the winning sequence that we have been using since week 34. Kindly be patient enough to study carefully our games from RSK Capital posted below.

Step 1: Open your Capital international forecast pool paper and go to page 3.

Step 2: on the top right corner of capital paper, locate “Compilers jackpot super X pairs.

Step 3: under the super X pairs, you will find several columns. Your focus should be on Bob Morton pairs.

Step 4: you are guaranteed one banker this week.

Week 34:
Bob Morton pairs = 8/24
Banker = 24xxxxxx

Week 35:
Bob Morton pairs = 6/39
Banker = 39xxxxxx (1-1)

Week 36:
Bob Morton pairs = 9/21
Banker = 21xxxxxxx (1-1)

Week 37:
Bob Morton pairs = 28/19
Banker = 28xxxxxxx (0-0)

Week 38:
Bob Morton pairs = 14/22
Banker = 14xxxxxxx (2-2)

Week 39:
Bob Morton pairs = 12/28
Banker = 12ffffff, 28xxxxxxxxx.

Week 40:
Bob Morton Pairs = 13/35
Banker = 35xxxxxxxx Grimsby vs Barnet (2-2).

Week 41:
Bob Morton Pairs = 20/13
A = Wimbledon vs Oldham @20

B = Derby vs Middlesboro @13

Potential banker = 13 xxxxx Derby vs Middlesboro.
My projected correct score = (1-1)
I am picking this banker because of the pattern the paper has carved out since Week 38.
From the proof shown above, you will observe that since week 38, the Bob Morton paper pairs have been alternating between A and B.
In week 38, it played game A – which was the match between Ipswich and Millwall. In week 39, when I was expecting it to repeat game A, it played game B – which was Oxford vs Oldham match.
Last week, it returned back to play game A – the match between Grimsby and Barnet. This week 41, it is highly plausible that it will attempt to play game B which is the game between Derby and Middlesboro @13.

Note: we will continue to monitor this pair until it stops working.

Do you have games from Capital International forecast paper? Kindly drop it here for the benefit of others, thanks!!!


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