Week 47 RSK Soccer Aussie Pools Secret Key 2018 Season

Welcome to the Aussie Football Pools Season, and stay with us as we bring you all the latest and inspiring forecast from the leading British Football pools 1.2.X guide – RSK Soccer Research Paper.

As always, be reminded that the games posted are reflective of our interpretation and understanding of the aforementioned forecast paper.

The implication is that nothing is exactly 100% completely reliable in the world of fixed odds. So, what next?

Check below to see both the games and proofs of the numbers we have for you this coupon week.

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The games for this current Week 47 from Soccer Research Forecast Pools paper is easy to understand and simple to digest this time around.

1. Since Week 45, something remarkable has been happening in the Banker box on page 3. The question is: will it continue?

Check this out: If you have your RSK Soccer paper in front of you, open to page 3. At the top right hand corner, you will see the “Banker Box”.

Week 45:
Banker box game = St. Truiden vs Lokeren @39xxxxxxx (1-1)

Week 46:
Banker box number = Capalaba vs Rochedale R @14xxxxxx (4-4)

Week 47:
Banker box coupon = Hume City vs Kingston C @22 (?????)

What do you think will happen to coupon number 22 this week?

2. Since Week 45, the middle number of “Tips for Pools” column has been ditching out a fixed banker. But, will it continue this week?

Week 45:
Basel vs Luzern @40xxxxxxx (2-2)

Week 46:
Floreat Athena vs Forestfield @34xxxxxx (1-1)

Week 47:
SpringVale W vs St. Albans S @31 (?????)

What are you going to do right now?
3. Do you also know that “Soccee Meet Me At” box, on the frontpage of RSK has also been playing? Will it also likely continue this current week?

Week 45:
Soccer meet me at game = Villareal vs Real Madrid @13xxxxxx (2-2)

Week 46:
Soccer Meet Me number = St Albans S vs Moreland C @31xxxxxx (1-1)

Week 47:
Soccer game = Lions FC vs Olympic FC @9 (????)

Equally, I ask: what will happen here?

For those who care to read and listen: pool is a game of opportunity and risk and belief.

You can invest N500 on the above numbers, certainly that amount is not even up to what you spend weekly on recharging your phone?

The special key for this week is here. This is the fourth time the game is coming since 2011.

The RSK Soccer research paper key states: whenever any of the two games beside “Best Six” Column on the front-page appears on “Dead” box at the back-page, that number becomes your fixed banker.

Step 1: check the bottom left corner of soccer front-page, you will find two numbers under “?”.

Step 2: check if any of the numbers appears on “Dead box”.

Step 3: Check if the game at “Cannot Draw box” at the back page appears among the two games beside students selection on page 3.

Step 4: the two numbers at step 3 becomes your compulsory fixed banker pairs of the week.

See the proof:

Week 26, 2011:
Two numbers under “?” = 29/31.
Game at “Dead box” = Southampton vs Notts Co @31xxxxxx (0-0)

Week 4, 2013:
Games under “?” = 21/23.
Game at “Dead box” = Tranmere vs Crawley @23xxxxxxx (3-3).

This next proof is what mirrors this week of setting.

Week 41, 2016:
Games under “?” = 27/28
Dead box game = 28xxxxxx
Cannot draw = 22ffffff
Home banker = 2ffffff
Games beside students selection = 22 and 48

Two bankers for this week are = 28xxxxx and 48xxxxxx

Week 47, 2018:
Games under “?” = 25/26
Dead box game = 26
Cannot draw = 3
Home banker = 13
Students selection games = 3/47.

Therefore, based on previous sequence of this movement, we have two bankers for this week.

Ballarat C vs Eastern Lion @26 (???)
Hobart Z vs Northern R @47 (?????)

So, looking for a nap this week? Play this game from Soccer Research paper:

N500 Nap = 1/26/47
N500 perm = 1/9/22/26/31/47

Good luck!!!!

These were the forecast games from Soccer Research paper posted for Week 46.

Step A = go to page 2 of your Soccer Research paper.

Step B = on page 2, locate “Star Tips Box”.

Step C = on the “Star Tips box”, locate the column labelled “Draws Zone”, and focus your attention there.

Step C = There are four teams under the “draws zone”, your attention should be on the third team’s position.

See the pattern it has carved out since Week 44 below.

Week 44 (Purple Coupon)
Draw zone game = Feirense vs Estoril @44xxxxxxx (0-0)
Week 45 (Brown Coupon)
Draw zone banker = Charleroi vs Standard L @35xxxxxx (0-0)
Week 46 {Blue Coupon}
Draws zone box = F. Athena vs Forestfield @34 (?????)

2. The next sequence below is the Nap that I will be playing this Week 46 and the proof is:

Key: Whenever coupon number 14 enters Soccer Research Banker box on page 3, here is exactly what happens…

First = Mark the banker box game as fixed draw.
Secondly = Mark the second number at “Tips for Pools” Column as fixed draw.
Finally = Mark the last number of “Alternative Pair” box as a banker.

Week 34 (Blue Coupon)
Banker box = Brentford vs Cardiff @14xxxxxxx (Panel draw)

Tips for Pools = Barnet vs Port Vale @34xxxxxxx (panel draw)

Alternative Pair = Stevenage vs Mansfield @44xxxxxxx (1-1)

Nap = 14/34/44
Week 36 (Purple Coupon)
Banker box = Derby vs Cardiff @14xxxxxx (panel draw)

Tips for Pools = Charlton vs Fleetwood @22xxxxx (0-0)

Alternative pair = Port Vale vs Stevenage @42xxxxxx (2-2)

Nap: 14/22/42.
Week 46 (Blue Coupon)
Banker box = Capalaba vs Rochedale R @14 (???)

Tips for Pools = Floreat Athena vs Forestfield @34 (???)

Alternative Pair = Lambton J vs L. Macquarie @48 (???)

Potential Nap = 14/34/48.

The games from Soccer research paper of week 41 did not go as expected; apparently, the movements changed. But, we have uncovered more serial number sequence from this week’s forecast.
The first movement we are dropping this week is strong cannot draw.
The Key states that: Any coupon number that appears on the front-page of Soccer at the column named “Meet me at” will play once in a month.
The implication of the above key is that if any number plays a draw this week, other numbers at the column will fail for the next three weeks of play. See the sequence shown in details below.

First series setting
Week 31 (Red Coupon):
Soccer Meet me at = Exeter vs Wycombe @39xxxxxx (1-1)
Week 32 (Purple Coupon):
Soccer Meet me = Patrick vs Dundee @49ffffff (1-2).
Week 33 (Brown coupon):
Soccer meet me = Leeds vs Brentford @11ffffff (1-0).
Week 34 (Blue coupon):
Soccer meet me = Crewe vs Forest Green @40ffffff (panel home win).

Second setting
Week 35 (Red Coupon):
Soccer meet me = Grimsby vs Port Vale @39xxxxxxxxx (1-1).
Week 36 (Purple coupon):
Meet me at = Stoke vs Everton @8ffffffffffff (1-2).
Week 37 (Brown):
Meet me at = Arbroath vs Stranraer @42fffffffffff (2-3).
Week 38 (Blue):
Meet me at = Newcastle vs Huddersfield @6fffffff (1-0).

Third Setting Series
Week 39 (Red Coupon):
Meet me at = Birmingham vs Burton Albion @11xxxxxx (1-1).
Week 40 (Purple coupon):
Meet me at = Huddersfield vs Watford @3ffffffff (1-0).
Week 41 (Brown coupon):
Meet me at = Sunderland vs Burton Albion @19ffffffff (1-2).
Week 42 (Blue Coupon):
Meet me at = Southampton vs Bournemouth @7fffffff

This is the second sequence from RSK this week 42:
This movement started in week 35. And the sequence states that the coupon number at the column named “DEAD?” which is located at the back page will play once in three weeks.
This simply means that if the number plays a draw this week, that column will fail for the next two weeks before playing again.

First setting
Week 35 (Red):
Dead column = Grimsby vs Port Vale @39xxxxxxxxx (1-1).
Week 36 (Purple):
Dead box = Hearts vs Partick @44fffffffffff (3-0)
Week 37 (Brown):
Dead box = Arbroath vs Stranraer @42ffffffff (2-3)

Second setting
Week 38 (Blue)
Dead column = Dundee vs Hearts @34xxxxxxxxxx (1-1)
Week 39 (Red)
Dead box = Grimsby vs Chesterfield @38ffffffffffff (1-0)
Week 40 (purple)
Dead box = Solihull M vs Guiseley @48ffffffffffff (3-1)

Third setting
Week 41 (brown)
Dead column = Mansfield vs Port Vale @38xxxxxxxx (1-1).
Week 42 (blue)
Dead column = Bristol Rovers vs Gillingham @24fffffffff

More updates will be posted as soon as we have access to the current rsk soccer pool paper.