Sunday Sermon: THE TURNING POINT (Genesis 41:1-57) By Rev Fr. Emakpor

There are few times we face challenges that can change our lives for ever. Most times, they are new challenges which most people ignore.

The best thing to do when we encounter
uncertainty in our personal life or in our professional life, we need to take time to pray that it may become the in our life.

The major turning point can be a challenging moment but it may end up as a once in a lifetime opportunity.

One prayer I pray daily is that God should guide me so that I do not miss my turning point encounter.

Sometimes, it can be very discouraging when we face these challenges at the beginning, but at the end, it may be the turning point.

No challenge ever pose itself as a turning point at the beginning. The truth is that we never see everything about the future at the beginning.

There are some people who are very gifted but they never have a major turning point in their lives.

The passage of scriptures in Ecclesiastes 9:11 says ” I again, I saw under the sun that the race is not to the swift and the battle is not to the worriers, and neither is the bread to the wise, nor wealth to the discerning, nor favour to men of ability, for ‘time’ and ‘chance’ happen to them all”.

Some persons who are gifted just need a recognition to come to the limelight. The recognition can be being involved in something that will show you to the world that you exist.

Some persons may say they are not famous politicians, or entertainer, they may not be professional like doctors, lawyers or engineers, but they just need a turning point in their life.

This turning point can be for everyone, the professionals also need this turning point.

For example,a medical doctor may have been performing different operations, but one, more than any other can catapult him to a new and
surprising prominence in his profession.

Everyone need that turning point because it can open doors of opportunities you would have never dreamed of.

Sometimes, the turning point may make no sense at the beginning, we may expect success only to fail at the end.

We may see it as a wasted opportunity but God’s ways is not always our ways. This was what happened when God remembered Joseph in prison, Genesis 41.

It is my prayers that God will give you a turning point in Jesus Name…..

Pray for a turning point in your life.

Rev. Fr. Edmund Tansi Emakpor is an ordained Roman Catholic priest, for the Catholic Diocese of Warri, Warri,

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