The 11 Cold Bitter Truth Racksterli Investors Must Know

Racksterli Affiliate Marketing Income Programme launched its new website on April 5, 2021 after the old website ran into several backlogs of payments owed to investors.

The management of the company has been fighting tooth and nail to balance the scales on managing the Refunding Process in the old website to paying eligible investors on the new site tagged Racksterli 2.0.

So far, the management has done a remarkable job in its ability to manage the crisis created by Racksterli 1.0, and have built on it towards getting back to its business activities stronger and better.

But while the company has been making these frantic efforts to return back Racksterli to its rightful place as the the number 1 affiliate marketing scheme in Nigeria and Africa at large, most investors have not been dancing to the tune of the songs being played.

It is this bottleneck that has now given birth to this article.

After closely monitoring the activities of Racksterli from March 28 till date, 11 Cold Bitter Truths, which every Investor into Racksterli must know, have emerged:

1. Racksterli have successfully refunded Invested Capital back to more than 50% of investors in the old website.

2. Roughly 90% of the old investors, who have gotten their Capital back, have refused to testify that they have been paid.

3. Some other investors in the old website participated in the double coupon offer, but many of them are equally silent as well.

4. Few of the people ranting in different social media groups are those who have not received their double coupon offer codes.

5. Most investors, just like most Nigerians, are very good at complaining when they are in need; once they get settled, they simply move on with their lives without acknowledging that their problems have been resolved.

6. Most investors who visit various social media groups to complain don’t always go back to share testimonies of issues resolved and payments received.

7. Speaking of the new Racksterli website, most of the investors here have been selfish in dropping testimonies on social media groups whenever they get paid.

8. Only few investors paid have really celebrated by sharing testimonies and screenshots of payments on Various social media groups.

9. These attitudes of investors do not really help us in ascertaining if Racksterli is really committed to subscribers or if they are not interested in them.

10. Unless investors begin to improve on their attitudes and behaviours, we may be having reoccurring issues every now and then.

11. In a nutshell, since investors are not United in being honest, sincere, transparent and open-minded in their respective social media groups, it becomes relevant to focus more on what comes from the management of Racksterli Affiliate Marketing Income Programme.

And as long as the management of Racksterli remains committed to the general welfare of subscribers, then know that we are going to be witnessing something truly remarkable and revolutionary in the affiliate marketing industry in Nigeria.


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