The Management Must Shoulder The Blame For The Crisis In Racksterli

There is no longer any doubt to posit that Racksterli Affiliate Marketing Income Programme is embedded in full blown crisis.

From June 4, 2021 till date, the company have not made payments to eligible investors cashing out from the platform; while from June 8 till date, eligible investors have been unable to cashout their investments.

Similarly, the number of subscribers joining the platform have dropped drastically with potential investors withholding their investments from the platform while equally monitoring how things play out.

The official social media groups and channels of Racksterli have all been locked, and even the customer care service channels of the company have equally stopped functioning.

Thousands of investors have sent messages to customer care service channels, but these messages have remained unanswered; this scenario has now led to speculation that the management of Racksterli has sacked its workers.

Currently, the only visible positive news from all of these crisis plaguing Racksterli is the fact that both the old website and the new website are still accessible to subscribers; this has enabled most investors to continue sharing their sponsored posts.

It is no longer a question of what led to the full blown crisis in Racksterli, considering the fact that the management of the company has not officially addressed investors on why and what created the crisis in the first place.

More importantly too, the management has equally kept coupon Vendors working for the company in the dark, a situation that has now led both Racksterli and its vendors to be at loggerheads.

But then, in the midst of the ongoing crisis, someone must take the fall for all of the happenings and the management of Racksterli must shoulder the responsibility for the crisis plaguing the company.

The Chief Executive Officer of Racksterli, Mr Michael Chidiebere, is not without his own faults and that is exactly the reason why he must not be exonerated from the crisis that has plagued Racksterli for more than 9 days and counting.

On the one hand, the management has treated this crisis by keeping both its workers and coupon vendors in the dark; on the other hand, the management failed to adequately respond to thousands of negligence displayed by investors.

As a leader of thousands of investors with different belief systems and methods of thinking and processing information, Mr Michael Chidiebere ought not to have kept his workers and coupon Vendors from the dark as well; but this is exactly what he has done during this crisis.

The last meaningful message he forwarded to his vendors reads: “I have nothing to tell you for now. There is no problem, and nothing is official yet. I have been busy working tirelessly with stuffs. I will communicate with you all when I have something.”

Furthermore, Mr Michael Chidiebere should have known that the only way to ensure calm, tranquility, peace, and progress in Racksterli was to effectively get investors to adhere to the company’s rules and regulations.

Investors broke several rules and regulations guiding them on multiple occasions, because the management of Racksterli neglected to do their jobs adequately and effectively.

Nigerians by and large, particularly Racksterlians, have always developed that tendencies to exploit whatever loopholes they may find in any rules and regulations governing them.

Investors have demonstrated that they can literally do anything in Racksterli and certainly get away with them because of the inability of the management of Racksterli to met punishments out to defaulters of its rules and regulations.

Racksterli, as an affiliate marketing platform, have various rules, regulations, and codes of conduct embedded under its terms and conditions. But then, most investors of the company daily portray their negligence towards these terms and conditions.

A thorough research into various social media groups and platforms have both exposed and established the fact that most investors do not know the rules and regulations governing them as members of the Racksterli family.

When you pay close attention to the discussions investors engage in, as regards Racksterli, you would realise that most investors have been guilty of asking questions that have been repeatedly answered in such groups.

From this clear observation, it is crystal clear that most investors are often known for one course of action: selfishness of the highest order.

They hardly pay attention to what happens in and around Racksterli, but are always quick to fire lighting and brimstone when they find themselves in one difficulty or another.

It is a known fact that the management of Racksterli set various rules and regulations in order to properly govern subscribers investing into the company on a daily basis.

Take for instance, the rule of 24-72 hours; this is one of the most important rule that investors ought to adhere to. But, do you know that this is the most ignored rule by investors?

Everyone ought to be knowledgeable enough to understand that Racksterli cannot attend to every single investor at the same time; this is exactly the reason why the rule of 24-72 hours was established.

The management knows this fact, but investors have failed repeatedly to adhere to this rule. But then, what exactly is the management doing about this negligence from investors? Nothing; they are doing absolutely nothing about this.

Do you now see why the bulk of these crisis falls on the shoulders of the management of Racksterli?

If only Mr Michael Chidiebere had enforce the rules and regulations governing Racksterlians in the past, if only the management had sanctioned defaulters breaking the rules and regulations, then whatever crisis Racksterli finds itself may have been tremendously reduced or not even be in existence in the first place.

The rule of 24-72 hours had to be highlighted in this article because of the fact that investors hardly pay attention to it.

If investors had paid attention to this rule, then most of the bad energies and negative vibes surrounding the company daily may have been drastically reduced or not even be existing.

If investors actually knew that anyone breaking the rules and regulations would be punished, and if the management of Racksterli actually metted out punishment to violators, then whatever crisis plaguing Racksterli today would have been minimal.

Now, if the aforementioned premise was in existence, then these negative energies would not have grown large enough to warrant most investors launching a collective efforts to report social media accounts, and bank accounts of Racksterli to the authorities.

Confirming the report of Racksterli accounts being reported to the authorities, Mr Michael Chidiebere wrote on Friday June 11, 2021 to investors:

“Racksterli once had its glitch and we came out with full force to tackle the problem and we made so much progress with the refund.”

“We kept on begging that you stop reporting our bank accounts to authorities as you could see we were refunding but you continued until….

Like this article have repeatedly stated, the management of Racksterli is largely responsible for everything and must shoulder the responsibility for whatever has happened.

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