Week 40 Niger Records Key Movement Banker Nap April 14, 2018

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Week 39 of the 2017/2018 British Football Season has come and gone, we are now in week 40. This English Pools season is gradually coming to an end and we sincerely hope that you have managed to be on the winning side so far.

Winning and playing pool is never a child’s play and we are putting in every amount of energy and efforts weekly here to ensure that you win once before the Aussie season comes around.

As part of our weekly tradition, we are going to educate you this week on the likely banker games that may potentially end in a draw this coupon week based on our understanding of Niger Fixtures Records.

If you do not already know this fact, then you must know that: the best pools forecast paper ever that you can think of and use diligently in order to win and have an edge in this business is Niger Records Fixtures.

Thus, I will be using this page to show you my probable games for this UK forecast pool week 40. Do you have games for this week? Do you have any pair or nap? Kindly post your games below, thanks!!!

Week of Zero (10/20/30/40/) Key:

Step 1: In every week of Zero, locate the position of Manchester United in the English Premier League.

Step 2: Check to see if Liverpool is sitting on top on Man Utd. If yes, it becomes your first draw.

Step 3: The next family number series of Man United position will give you a winning.

Week 10:
Liverpool vs Burnley @3 (1-1)

Man United vs Everton @4 (4-0)

Banker = 3xxxxxxx
Winning Line = 3(1-1), 14(1-1), 24(0-0), 34(1-1), 44(1-1).

Week 20:
Liverpool vs Chelsea @4 (1-1)

Man United vs Brighton @5 (1-0)

Banker = 4xxxxxxxx

Winning Line = 4(1-1), 15(1-1), 25(0-0), 35(1-1), 45(0-0).

Week 30:
Liverpool vs Tottenham @7 (2-2)

Man United vs Huddersfield @8 (2-0)

Banker = 7xxxxxxx

Winning Line = 7(2-2), 18(0-2), 28(0-1), 38(1-1), 48(1-1).

Week 40:
Liverpool vs Bournemouth @4 (1-1)

Man United vs Westbrom @5 (3-0)

Potential Banker = 4.

Potential Winning Line = 4,15,25,35,45.

More updates to come… But, you can visit my other posts on newsbeatportal homepage or check ======>>>>>> John Paul Week 41 Secret UK pools Key Bankers post


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