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Traffic control signals are devices placed along, beside, or above a road to guide, warn, and regulate the flow of traffic, which includes motor vehicles, tricycles (keke), motorcycles, bicycles, pedestrians, and all other road users.

 Red – A red signal light means stop. Unless a sign shows otherwise or vehicle/pedestrian traffic does not permit, you may, after stopping completely, turn right. A red arrow signal light means stop until the green signal or green arrow appears.

 Amber (Yellow) – Amber light is a warning that the light is about to turn red. Slow down and stop, never accelerate to “make the light”. When you see the amber light, you should stop, if you can do so safely. If you are already in the intersection when the light turns amber, you may continue through. 

A flashing amber signal light warns you to be careful. Slow down and be especially alert whilst you proceed.

 Green – A green light means go. You can only turn left if you have enough space to complete the manoeuvre before any oncoming traffic or pedestrian becomes a hazard. Vehicles turning left must always giveway to those going straight from the opposite direction. Green arrow signal light means go, but first you must giveway to any traffic or pedestrian still in the intersection.


Road Markings

Road markings are a traffic sign in the form and design of a marking on the surface of the road. They have the same standing as upright signs. Road users must obey these road markings. Some of the very common road markings are:

–   Single or double continuous white lines along the centre of the road means all traffic must keep to the right of the line (except in an emergency or for access).

–     A broken white line along the centre of the road. This divides two lanes of traffic travelling in opposite directions. You must not cross them unless it is safe to do so.

– Double broken white lines along the centre of the road alert drivers to continuous white lines a short distance ahead. As a driver, you must not cross them unless it is safe to do so.

–   A broken white Give way line crossing the right-hand lane. A white triangular Give way symbol may also be provided with the Give way line. A driver must give right-of-way to any traffic on a major road ahead. The Give way line usually appears with an upright Give way sign.

–  A continuous white Stop line crossing the right-hand lane. The word STOP may also be provided with the Stop line. A driver must come to a complete stop before entering a major road. The stop line sometimes appears with an upright Stop sign.


Box Junction

Where stationary traffic would be likely to block a junction, a yellow box may be marked on the road, covering all or part of the junction. You must not enter the box if your exit is not clear. If turning left at the junction, you may enter the box to wait for a gap in the oncoming traffic, but only if the left-turn exit is clear.


 Stephen K. Dieseruvwe

Director General, Delta State Traffic Management Authority (DESTMA)

**Driver Trainer and Road Safety Consultant


**Tel: +2348167814928


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