UK Pools Family Number System Forecast: 2018/2019 Football Season

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The 2018/2019 British Football Pool season is here again and we want to make sure you are fired up and ready to get your own share of the millions up for grabs each week.

Like you already know, winning pool is very tough; many people try each season, but end up not making amything from it.

Bearing this in mind, we have decided to assist you in bringing out simple but innovative sequences and formulas which can help you beat the bookmakers and promoters.

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There are several sequences, formulas, keys, settings, and patterns that exist in pool. But, we will be following what I call the “Number System Movement Forecast”.

Just like every other method of forecast, you must use the result of the previous weeks of play to attempt to solve the week of play puzzles.

So, what do you need?

You need a notebook, a writing pen, complimentary system of pool forecast. If you prefer a chart, you can get that as well.

Pick your notebook, your pen and write down exactly what you see below.

What you will see below is only from Week 4 to 11, but you can actually create space to accommodate other weeks as the season progresses.

You are to update your notebook at the end of each pool week once all the results of matches played have emerged.

Because, matches have not been played, from Week 4 to 7 will be left blank.

But, after the first week of the 2018/2019 British Football season, you can go ahead and mark your notebook.
Key: mark all the numbers on coupon as follows:

H = Home Win.

A = Away Win.

X = Draw.

See examples of this system in action from matches already played in the 2018 Aussie Season.

Family of One Forecast:

Week 04: 1a, 11h, 21h, 31a, 41h
Week 05: 1a, 11h, 21x, 31a, 41a
Week 06: 1h, 11a, 21x, 31a, 41h
Week 07: 1h, 11a, 21a, 31a, 41h

Week 08: 1x, 11h, 21h, 31x, 41a
Week 09: 1a, 11h, 21h, 31h, 41h
Week 10: 1h, 11a, 21a, 31a, 41a
Week 11: 1h, 11h, 21h, 31h, 41x

Week 12: 1h, 11h, 21x, 31a, 41h
Week 13: 1x, 11a, 21h, 31h, 41a
Week 14:

Family of Two Forecast:

Week 04: 2x, 12a, 22x, 32h, 42a
Week 05: 2h, 12x, 22h, 32x, 42h
Week 06: 2a, 12x, 22h, 32x, 42a
Week 07: 2x, 12h, 22a, 32h, 42h

Week 08: 2a, 12h, 22x, 32x, 42h
Week 09: 2h, 12h, 22a, 32x, 42a
Week 10: 2h, 12h, 22a, 32x, 42x
Week 11: 2a, 12x, 22h, 32h, 42x

Week 12: 2a, 12x, 22x, 32a, 42x
Week 13: 2a, 12a, 22x, 32x, 42a
Week 14:

Family of Three Forecast:

Week 04: 3h, 13h, 23h, 33x, 43a
Week 05: 3a, 13x, 23x, 33a, 43a
Week 06: 3h, 13h, 23h, 33a, 43a
Week 07: 3h, 13a, 23x, 33a, 43h

Week 08: 3a, 13a, 23h, 33x, 43a
Week 09: 3a, 13h, 23a, 33a, 43a
Week 10: 3a, 13h, 23h, 33a, 43h
Week 11: 3h, 13a, 23h, 33h, 43h

Week 12: 3x, 13x, 23x, 33a, 43x
Week 13: 3a, 13x, 23a, 33h, 43h
Week 14:

Family of Four Forecast:

Week 04: 4x, 14a, 24a, 34h, 44x
Week 05: 4a, 14a, 24a, 34x, 44a
Week 06: 4h, 14h, 24x, 34x, 44a
Week 07: 4x, 14x, 24x, 34h, 44x

Week 08: 4h, 14x 24h, 34h, 44a
Week 09: 4h, 14h, 24x, 34a, 44x
Week 10: 4a, 14h, 24h, 34x, 44a
Week 11: 4a, 14x, 24x, 34a, 44a

Week 12: 4h, 14x, 24a, 34a, 44h
Week 13: 4a, 14a, 24a, 34x, 44h
Week 14:

Family of Five Forecast:

Week 04: 5x, 15a, 25h, 35x, 45h
Week 05: 5h, 15h, 25a, 35h, 45h
Week 06: 5h, 15x, 25h, 35x, 45h
Week 07: 5h, 15h, 25x, 35x, 45a

Week 08: 5a, 15x, 25a, 35a, 45x
Week 09: 5h, 15h, 25x, 35a, 45x
Week 10: 5h, 15x, 25x, 35h, 45h
Week 11: 5x, 15h, 25h, 35x, 45a

Week 12: 5a, 15a, 25x, 35h, 45a
Week 13: 5x, 15h, 25a, 35h, 45a
Week 14:

Family of Six Forecast:

Week 04: 6h, 16a, 26h, 36h, 46a
Week 05: 6h, 16a, 26a, 36x, 46x
Week 06: 6h, 16a, 26h, 36x, 46a
Week 07: 6a, 16h, 26h, 36h, 46x

Week 08: 6x, 16a, 26h, 36h, 46h
Week 09: 6h, 16x, 26a, 36a, 46a
Week 10: 6a, 16h, 26h, 36h, 46h
Week 11: 6h, 16a, 26h, 36a, 46h

Week 12: 6h, 16h, 26x, 36a, 46h
Week 13: 6h, 16a, 26a, 36x, 46h
Week 14:

Family of Seven Forecast:

Week 04: 7x, 17h, 27a, 37a, 47a
Week 05: 7a, 17h, 27h, 37h, 47a
Week 06: 7h, 17h, 27x, 37x, 47h
Week 07: 7a, 17h, 27h, 37x, 47h

Week 08: 7h, 17x, 27x, 37a, 47a
Week 09: 7a, 17x, 27x, 37h, 47x
Week 10: 7a, 17a, 27a, 37a, 47a
Week 11: 7h, 17h, 27h, 37h, 47a

Week 12: 7a, 17a, 27a, 37x, 47h
Week 13: 7a, 17h, 27h, 37h, 47x
Week 14:

Family of Eight Forecast:

Week 04: 8h, 18h, 28h, 38h, 48a
Week 05: 8x, 18a, 28h, 38a, 48h
Week 06: 8a, 18h, 28h, 38h, 48h
Week 07: 8h, 18a, 28a, 38h, 48a

Week 08: 8h, 18a, 28h, 38a, 48h
Week 09: 8h, 18h, 28h, 38x, 48h
Week 10: 8h, 18h, 28a, 38a, 48h
Week 11: 8x, 18h, 28a, 38h, 48h

Week 12: 8h, 18x, 28a, 38h, 48h
Week 13: 8h, 18x, 28a, 38h, 48h
Week 14:

Family of Nine Forecast:

Week 04: 9a, 19a, 29a, 39h, 49h
Week 05: 9h, 19h, 29h, 39x, 49x
Week 06: 9h, 19x, 29h, 39h, 49h
Week 07: 9x, 19a, 29a, 39a, 49h

Week 08: 9a, 19h, 29x, 39h, 49h
Week 09: 9h, 19x, 29a, 39x, 49h
Week 10: 9x, 19x, 29h, 39a, 49x
Week 11: 9x, 19a, 29a, 39h, 49x

Week 12: 9x, 19h, 29x, 39x, 49a
Week 13: 9a, 19h, 29h, 39a, 49a
Week 14:

Family of Zero Forecast:

Week 04: 10a, 20a, 30x, 40h
Week 05: 10x, 20x, 30x, 40h
Week 06: 10a, 20x, 30h, 40h
Week 07: 10h, 20x, 30x, 40h

Week 08: 10x, 20h, 30a, 40x
Week 09: 10h, 20h, 30h, 40h
Week 10: 10x, 20x, 30h, 40x
Week 11: 10a, 20h, 30x, 40h

Week 12: 10x, 20h, 30a, 40h
Week 13: 10h, 20a, 30a, 40h
Week 14:

You can use what I did above to draw your own private chart for the season.

I will be updating this page at the end of each week after results of matches played have been released.

You need to update your chart too.

From Week 10, it will become clearer to you how to form and draw your conclusion from the numbers above.

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