‘We have 20,000 Investors Left to pay,’ Racksterli CEO says

In a live Instagram broadcast on Wednesday April 14, 2021, the CEO of Racksterli Investment platform scheme acknowledged that the company is still Refunding Invested Capital to Investors.

Addressing investors from the company’s official Instagram page, Mr Michael Chidiebere informed everyone that roughly twenty thousand (20,000) Standard Package Investors are still to be paid.

While reassuring that everyone who Invested in the old website would be paid, he urged investors to support, encourage, and pray for the success of the refunding process.

He says: “Refund will take place everyday. (It may take time but will get to everyone)

“We have zero intention of stopping the refund.

“The process will be whole lot faster if the company is allowed to focus.

Furthermore, Mr Chidiebere opened up on the efforts the company has been making in ensuring that Invested Capital is quickly returned back to investors.

He noted that “Racksterli sold some properties lesser than the amount they bought those properties.”

He equally emphasized strongly that “Racksterli will not take any loan from the bank to settle Investors.”

Meanwhile, the Refunding Process continued on Wednesday with roughly 1000 investors getting paid.

Do you think Racksterli has been transparent so far since her challenges began on March 7th, 2021?

Have you been paid? Or are you still expecting your payment?

Will you be investing in the new Racksterli website?

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