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Temple of Draws Paper company is selling three fixed draws this Week 39, 2020 for N10,000. To purchase the game, kindly call the Editor: 08037093141.

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The Premier League, English Football League and Football Association have announced the suspension of all domestic football will be extended to April 30 at the earliest due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The Pools Promoters Association in London has confirmed that suspension of football matches will not affect Weekly Pools. The Pools Panel will continue to give decisions on pool fixtures till further notice.

Take Note:
In 1963 the Deep Freeze caused matches to be cancelled for 10 weeks. The Pools business continued with the decision of the panels.

With Football in England suspended till April 30, 2020, matches will be decided by pools panel for the following Football Pools Weeks:

Week 38
Week 39
Week 40
Week 41
Week 42

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Welcome to this Week Forecast of the 2019 English Football Pools Season.

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I am giving out N2,000 each to anyone whose bankers or Pair plays during this month of October, 2019.

I want to remind everyone here that the games posted here may not always play every week; this is the reason we protect ourselves with Good Money Management.

If You Must Win Pool, You Must Follow Good Money Management.

Good money management is investing what you can afford to lose; TRY to follow this meticulously, Please!

If you do not understand what I write here, you really need to call me and seek clarification.

Now, I want to appeal to all pool stakers, please, take the “Money Management” instructions below seriously. With “Money Management“, you can beat promoters to their game.

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If you have not been implementing ” Money Management” in gambling, please start this week.

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Good Money Management is playing games with a specific amount of money on a weekly basis throughout the season.

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Check below to see the forecast games for the week.

For those who have contributions to make, drop your observations below, thanks!!!

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Week 29, 2019 Season:

Pair: 34/39

Good Luck 👍

Dead Games Week : Based on my forecast, the following digits may not fail to draw this week.

If you have any of them as bankers, kindly use them as permutations; do not Nap with them, thanks!!!

Dead digits are:

If you are interested in seeing my analysis of games for this week, then call me to get your password to the Discussion room, thanks!!!

Access fee is N5,000 monthly.

UK Pools Pair Performance:

Week 04, 2019: 24xxx, 41xxxx
Week 05, 2019: 10fff, 34ffff
Week 06, 2019: 46xxxx, 47fff
Week 07, 2019: 1fffff, 7ffff
Week 08, 2019: 1xxxxx, 7ffff
Week 10, 2019: 4fffff, 30ffff
Week 13, 2019: 14ffff, 18ffff
Week 14, 2019: 1fffff, 27ffff
Week 15, 2019: 10ffff, 12ffff
Week 16, 2019: 20ffff, 30xxxx
Week 18, 2019: 34ffff, 39ffff
Week 21, 2019: 24xxxx, 25ffff

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Oyibo. = 07039817674


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