Week 11 UK Pools Banker Compilers Pair Summary Games

Welcome to the New 2020/2021 English and UK Football Pools Season.
Visit this website and page regularly and Weekly to get the latest Banker Pair from:
Mr Gold (08165143146) based in Nigeria
Gov Ken (08126875966) based in Nigeria
Mr Potter (+49-173-2845279) based in Germany
Mr Canada (Tetevalsaliko@gmail.com) based in Canada

Special Announcement 🎈
Welcome to 2021/2022 UK / Scottish Pools Season
The new 2021/2022 English and Scottish Pools Season begins from Week 5, 2021. Here is how to partner with us 👇👇👇
1. 2021/2022 Games Group:
Fee: *N10,000*
John Paul: 07030635051
I will drop my Nap here weekly. When I don’t have Nap, I will drop permutation. When I don’t have Nap or Permutation, I will drop Pair.

2. Papers Group
New members: *N4,000*
Old Members: *N3,000*
John Paul: 07030635051
You get Weekly Forecasting Papers. You get Weekly Dead games Papers. You get Weekly Forecasting Training. You get Weekly Banker Pair.
You will get two special matches Weekly. One will fail, the other match to draw.

3. Mr Potter Group
*+49 173 2845279*
Fee: *50 Euros*
This is only for those living outside Nigeria. For those in Europe, Asia, USA and others.
Special Weekly 10 odds or 20 odds.

August, 2021 PAPERS ROOM:
John Paul: 07030635051

For those interested in joining my special group and partnering with me, this is for you. 👇👇👇

The August, 2021 Papers Group here on WhatsApp is officially Opened.

1. You get Weekly Forecasting Papers
2. You get Weekly Dead games Papers
3. You get Weekly Forecasting Training
4. You get Weekly Banker Pair
5. You have access to John Paul here on WhatsApp.

You will get two special matches Weekly. One will fail, the other match to draw.

New Members: N4,000
WhatsApp: 07030635051
John Paul: 07030635051

If You Must Win Pool, You Must Follow Money Management. Please, Invest what you can afford to lose, thanks.

If you do not understand what I write here, you really need to call me and seek clarification.

Now, I want to appeal to all pool stakers, please, take the “Money Management” instructions below seriously. With “Money Management“, you can beat promoters to their game.

If you have not been implementing ” Money Management” in gambling, please start this week.

If you must play my games this weekend, then you must apply good sound “Money Management”.

Good Money Management is playing games with a specific amount of money on a weekly basis throughout the season.

UK Football Pools Compilers Past Performances:

Mr Gold Weekly Pair Performance:

Week 04, 2021: 6xxxx
Week 05, 2021: 7xxxx 10xxxx
Week 06, 2021: 9ffff 12ffff
Week 07, 2021: 13xxx 29ffff
Week 08, 2021: No Pair
Week 09, 2021: 10xxx 20ffff
Week 10, 2021: 2ffff 12xxxx

Gov Ken Banker Pair Performance:

Week 04, 2021: 5ffff 6xxxx
Week 05, 2021: 37fff 47fff
Week 06, 2021: 12fff 13fff
Week 07, 2021: 16fff 17ffff
Week 08, 2021: 39fff 49ffff
Week 09, 2021: 19xxx 49xxxx
Week 10, 2021: 15xxx 35ffff

Mr Potter Banker Pair Performance:
+49 173 2845279

Week 04, 2021: 8xxxx 9fff
Week 05, 2021: 39fff 40xxx
Week 06, 2021: No Pair
Week 07, 2021: 3ffff 4xxxx
Week 08, 2021: 3xxxx 9ffff
Week 09, 2021: 40fff 41ffff
Week 10, 2021: 15xxx 17ffff

Canadian Weekly Pair Performance:

Week 04, 2021: 37fff 38fff
Week 05, 2021: 15xxx 17fff
Week 06, 2021: 33fff 43fff
Week 07, 2021: 43xxx 48fff
Week 08, 2021: 35fff 36fff
Week 09, 2021: 33xxx 44xxx
Week 10, 2021: 8ffff 15xxx

The 2021/2022 New Season Weekly Compilers Pair:./
Week 11, 2021
Banker Pairs:

Mr Gold: 22/41

Governor Ken: 29/39

Mr Potter: 9/10
Fee: 50 Euros
Special Weekly 10 odds for 4 Weeks.

Canadian Pair: 3/9
WhatsApp text Only!!! +13069993754
Masters pair subscription still ongoing……..

kindly visit this website

Good Luck 🤞🍀

Newsbeatportal team of compilers:

Nicholas: 0905-162-5154
Mr Oyibo: +234-703-981-7674
Mr Gold: +234-816-514-3146
John Paul: +234-703-063-5051

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