Week 03, 2019 Banker Room for Free Members

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Welcome to this Week Forecast of the 2019 Aussie Football Pools Season.

Warning: it will be very difficult to win pool this season, so do not invest your life investment playing pool.

Those setting the pool no longer play what they set, so how can you win pool when what you follow is not working?

Do not forget: you need just two good winning this season to make it big.

Week 38 was the week my faithful and committed registered members recovered their losses this season.

In a week of 7 draws, my Nap delivered: 3/3.

Like I have said before: you cannot win pool every week, all you need is one winning to make it in pool.

Week 21 was a lucky week for one of my students in Newsbeatportal School of Poolology.

See his Bet9ja Winning Slip: B944SQRTSZEAAT-2575525

If you want to join my school of Poolology, and learn the secret of predicting games, you can register today.

Training fee is N55,000. Call John Paul on 07030635051 to register now

So, do not feel discouraged and keep on playing what I drop here.

From this week onward, you will begin to see the power of the simple but powerful team number and movement sequence.

I have been doing more intensive research recently and realize that everything on pool is programmed differently.

There are some sequence that must fail on Purple, Red, Brown, but will play on Blue.

Now that we are into more colours, we have chances of winning heavily between now and Christmas.

All you need to do is believe in yourself and in what we do here.

There is hope!!!!

I want to remind everyone here that the games posted here may not always play every week; this is the reason we protect ourselves with Good Money Management.

If You Must Win Pool, You Must Follow Good Money Management.

Good money management is investing what you can afford to lose; TRY to follow this meticulously, Please!

If you do not understand what I write here, you really need to call me and seek clarification.

Now, I want to appeal to all pool stakers, please, take the “Money Management” instructions below seriously. With “Money Management“, you can beat promoters to their game.

Watch this Video and learn the two key things you Must do to win UK Football Pool:===>>>2 Key Ways to Win UK Football Pool this Season

If you have not been implementing ” Money Management” in gambling, please start this week.

If you must play my games this weekend, then you must apply good sound “Money Management”.

Good Money Management is playing games with a specific amount of money on a weekly basis throughout the season.

If you need more information on how to apply Good Money Management to the way you play Pool, then Join My VIP Members Room.

For more information on how to apply good money management in pool, you can call John Paul immediately, thanks!

Check below to see the forecast games for the week.

For those who have contributions to make, drop your observations below, thanks!!!

Good Luck!!!

Week 03:

Pair: 25/41

Aussie Pools Pair Performance:

Week 49 Pair: 26xxx, 35xxxxx
Week 48 Pair: 26fff, 35xxxxx

Week 38:

Pair: 2/22

Good Luck!!!

Week 35 Games:

Banker Pair: 24/26

Watch the games of the week for free below===>>>>>

Week 24 Games:

Week 22 Games:

Nap: 17/19/38


Week 21 Games:

Pair: kindly drop you games below, thanks

Soccer Research: 3/6/23/30/49

Good Luck!!!

Week 20 Free Forecast:
Nov 24, 2018

Banker Pair: 24/25…

Kindly visit my Youtube Channel, click on the subscribe button, and view the free Nap of the week.

Click here now=====>>>>>Newsbeatportal Pool Bankers of the Week

I have two weeks operation, just subscribe to my Youtube Channel and you are qualified to access the games for free.

Good Luck!!!

Week 20 Free Nap: Loading…

Proof: Blackpool sitting on top of Bradford C at Home is a compulsory Pair since the season.


First Setting:
Week 7, 2018

Blackpool @20
Bradford C @21

Pair: 20/21

Banker: 20xxxxx (1-1)
Second Setting:
Week 13, 2018

Blackpool @22
Bradford C @23

Pair: 22/23

Banker: 22xxxxx (2-2)
Third Setting:
Week 20, 2018:

Blackpool @24
Bradford C @25

Banker Pair: 24xxxx/25xxxx

Good Luck!!!!

Week 19 Free Nap:

Click here to view the nap of the week, =====>>>>>RSK Capital Free Pool Nap


Week 18 Pool Forecast

Perm: 5/20/21/33


Week 17 Free Forecast:
November 3, 2018.

Pair: 5/7

Week 16:
Southampton picked a draw at Home @7xxxx
West Ham picked a draw at Away @5xxxx
Week 17:
Both Southampton and Westham have now swapped places.

Man City vs Southampton @5xxxx
Westham vs Burnley @7xxxxx

Wish you Good Luck!!!

Free Pool Nap: click here to view the Free Nap of the week ====>>>Week 17 Right-On Football Free Pool Nap for 2018/2019 Season

Good Luck!!!

Week 16 Free Forecast:
October 27, 2018

Free Nap: Watch this video to see proof. Click ====>>>Cambridge united Free Pool Key

Free Pool Pair: check back on Saturday morning if you did not watch the video above, thanks!

Free Pool Nap: click here to view the Free Nap of the week ====>>>RSK Capital Paper Free Pool Nap for Week 16

Good Luck!!!

If you cannot watch the video above, then get your free Nap from our ===={{>>>Derby @14 Away Pool Key for Week 16, 2018

Good Luck!!!

Week 15 Forecast:

Since the season, when you add Milton K and its opponent together, the answer it gives you becomes a Banker Pair for the week.

Week 5:
Milton K. D vs Bury @42
8 + 4 = 12.
Pair = 12xxx, 42fff
Week 7:
Milton K. D vs Exeter @38
8 + 6 = 14

Pair = 14xxx, 38fff
Week 10:
Milton K. D vs Forest Green @40
8 + 11 = 19

Pair = 19xxx, 40xxx
Week 12:
Milton K. D vs Tranmere @39
8 + 8 = 16

Pair = 16fff, 39xxx
Week 13:
Milton K. D vs Cheltenham @40
8 + 10 = 18

Pair = 18xxx, 40fff
Week 15:
Milton K. D vs Northampton @38
8 + 11 = 19.

Banker Pair= 19/38

Good Luck!!!

Week 14 Forecast:

This is my chain draw of the week, you are free to play it with what you can afford to lose, thanks.

Key: Wimbledon at coupon number 19 Home. Locate Mr Bristol Rover to chain down to Mr Gillingham.

First Setting:
Week 7:
Wimbledon vs Sunderland @19
Bristol R @22

Chain Draw: 23,24,25

23xxxx (0-0)
24xxxx (0-0)
25xxxx (1-1)
Second Setting:
Week 14:
Wimbledon vs Portsmouth @19
Bristol R @21

Chain Draw: 22,23,24.

Coventry vs Wycombe @22xxxx
Fleetwood vs Shrewsbury @23xxxx
Gillingham vs Southend @24xxxx

Nap: 22/23/24

Dead games: Use these numbers for permutation because they have 50/50 chance of ditching out draws this week.

Cannot draws: 18/19/25/26/28/29/30/31/33/35/36/39/

Good Luck!!!

Week 13 Forecast:

NAP: 4/24/47

The above nap is a combination of the three best bankers from RSK Forecast papers.

Good Luck!!!

PERM: 4/7/22/24/47

Dead Games Week 13: Based on my forecast, the following digits may not fail to draw this week.

If you have any of them as bankers, kindly use them as permutations; do not Nap with them, thanks!!!

Dead digits are:

I will only drop the proof of number 36.

Week 5: Forest Green vs Oldham @39xxxx
Week 9: Oldham vs Newport @36ffff
Week 13: Forest Green vs Newport @36fff

If you are interested in seeing my analysis of games for this week, then call me to get your password to the Discussion room, thanks!!!

Access fee is N45,000

John Paul = 07030635051
Cardiff Pools: 09055163897


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