Week 20, 2019 Temple of Draws Dead Games

Temple of Draws Pool Forecast Papers is here again to help stakers make calculated amd decisive decisions during this ongoing 2019/2020 English Football Pools Season.

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This special pool Forecast is renowned for its dead games column published and delivered weekly to pool vendors every Thursday. Compiled by Save Marksinson in London, the paper is gradually turning out to be one of the most sought after forecast papers.

Apart from the fact that pool paper ditches out draws weekly, it is also Becoming knowned for helping stakers, compilers, nap sellers, etc screen their games before sending them out.

This is paper is uploaded on YouTube every Friday, but I have decided to be dropping the dead digits here for you to get easy access to them. Most great compilers have competed against the papers and often come out on the losing end.

So, what exactly is the function of this special pool Forecast paper called: “Temple of Draws”?

Simply put: if your nap falls into the papers killing range, then you have two options:

1. Forget about playing pool that very week your nap falls among its dead games

2. You can decide to use the digits that fall within Temple of Draws killing range as long permutation.

In a nut shell, if your bankers, naps, fixed draws fall within the digits below, then forget about using it this week because the chances of the game waking up is 20/80.

The last but not the least, you can see these dead games range below as merely to guide you. Don’t forget: no game is 💯 guaranteed, no game is 💯 dead or draw until the end of each match.

Temple of Draws Dead Games this Week:


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If you have any of the numbers above as a very strong banker for this Week, please ensure that you use it among your line of permutation. You will be taking a huge calculated risk should you decide to use it to Nap.

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Most times, do you know why people hardly win pool?

The term pool, if I am to give a definition, simply means “Confusion”, “The More you look, the Less you see”.

It was carefully designed to promote confusion – my dead game becomes your banker draw, your dead game becomes my banker draw.

It is such a complex game, and that is exactly why it is difficult to win.

If there is one number that may never end in a draw this week, then know that the number is here.

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