Week 24 English Football Pools Banker, Pairs Dec 24, 2017

Registration fee for 2017/2018 British Football Pools Season is N25,000, or pay N10,000 to get this weekend games, call John Paul 07030635051 to register.

What do you get after paying the money above?

First: of course, I will give you games weekly if you paid N25,000. If you paid N10,000, you will get my games for only 1 month.

Secondly, I will teach you and enlighten you on my secret of good money management.

Trust me when I tell you that if you must succeed in this pool business, you obviously need to learn about my secret strategy on pool business money management.

If you played the bet9ja booking code game I dropped online in week 23, sorry for your loss!

This is the sole essence of gambling: you cannot be too sure until the end of the match. Week 24 is yet another week…

Meanwhile, I have now opened the windows of opportunity for prospective investors, stakers, punters to join my membership group.

Call John Paul now to register and join the winning team – you will be glad you did.

Once again, I rejoice with all those punters, stakers, who devote their energies each weekend to play the games I drop online.

But, it is sometimes infuriating that many of the punters those who played my games each pool week do not reach out to me.

If you know you played the game I posted online, kindly call me to show your appreciation. If you do not understand the power behind gratitude, then ….?

I know so many people played the game, if you are one of them, kindly do the needful. It takes nothing from you to do exactly that.

Anyway, I hope you realize that whoever is satisfied today will soon be feeling hungry tomorrow. And such a person must look to feed, right?

If you play pool, kindly stake N1000 on this free pool Nap: SCROLL DOWN and send me part of the winning on Monday.

Good Luck, and God bless you, Amen!!!! I hope you remember that pool business is a game of luck.

So, the pool winning numbers which is posted on this site may either work in your favour or fail.

If I am to borrow a leave from the advert of Heineken – UEFA champions league partner – I will remind you to gamble responsibly.

Kindly show your appreciation when you win. It helps a lot to know that I can trust you to use your mind to do what is right..

Now, time to forge ahead and drip the goodness I have for those who are failthful. Read carefully, please!

Please, be patient enough to read through this post, thanks! The next few paragraphs are very important and will be very interesting to you.

The next information you will read may sound too good to be true, but believe me when I say that it is the truth.

I am pleased to announce to you that I have found the secret that you can follow every week in other for you to consistently be on the winning side.

The system is very reliable and works 90% accurately, but you should know that the system does not bring bankers every week.

If you need this secret of generating your fixed draws each month, then contact John Paul. (Note: this information is very expensive, but I will give it out for 4000 dollars).

This is not compulsory, but for only serious minded persons out there who want to join my membership group.

Scroll down to view my terms and conditions, which is at the bottom of this page; thanks!!!.

Note: registration fee is N25,000. But, you can pay N10,000 to get my game for this week. If you have not read the terms and conditions thoroughly, please do not call John Paul.

Here are my terms and conditions:

1. The number to call when you have decided to join my group is at the bottom of this page.

2. Games will be sent out to you every week. You are expected not to give out our the games sent to you.

3. If you know you have that mentality to *kill* promoter and run them out of business, do not call me.

4. There is a specific amount of money you will use each week to play the games sent to you.

5. You are expected to appreciate after winning. Failure to do this will see your membership terminated.

6. This membership group is not for everybody and you MUST not join. If you know you are desparate to make millions, do not call me.

7. You are guaranteed to win at LEAST 4 times during this season.

8. I will give you a well structured plan to follow. If you know you cannot follow it, do not call me.

9. I cannot assure you that you will win every week with my games.

10. This my close group is not meant for stakers who are scared of losing.

11. If you just started playing pool, this group is not for you.

12. If you are not a patient person, and you do not know how to be patient, do not register.

13. If you know you will not be able to work with the plan I will give to you, do not call me.

If you are ready to abide by the above conditions, kindly call me now to send you account payment details; thanks!!!

However, if you are not okay with the terms and conditions, kindly check below for the free banker pool pairs and draws that have been posted.

You are also free to check on our RSK Bob Morton paper forecast pool banker page room to find out for yourself the games being projected to end in a fixed draw for this weekend.

So many compilers out there who have keys to producing football free pools bankers and nap every weekend will tell you that this football pool business is very easy to win.

But, you may have some first-hand experiences to show that it is tough to win pool.

We have dropped our pool prediction games for this weekend below, kindly see them for yourself.

From our pool forecast for this week, we are presenting to you our UK and British football possible draws for this weekend:

Proof: the pool secret key of our banker pairs are posted below.

Our games are hidden on this page, and only those who are patient enough to stay online here and read in between the lines will be able to see them.

The proof to the number posted below is not easily explicable and it is complex to explain in writing.

But, to give you a headstart, the numbers come from Current Niger Record Pool Paper.

Our primary source of information for the games we post below are Niger Records, RSK football pools paper.

It has been tough to accurately forecast draws on pool since the season started; it seems the makers and promoters of the business have started a new sequence that will last for the next four years.

So, this season may be very tough to win. Based on our projections, this season may be equivalent to Aussie pools season. We seriously doubt if there will be half or quarter payment.

After the disastrous performance of Week 6, 2017/2018 UK Football Pools Season, we are of the opinion that this season may likely be worse than Australian Season.

In Week 4 of the 2017/2018 English season, we had 11 draws; in Week 5, we had 10 draws. As already posted above, we had 5 draws in week 6. Only those who control the business know how “bloody” this season will be.

Update: things got better in week 7 and week 10, week 7 had 16 draws on coupon while week 10 had 15 draws on coupon. But, draws are still tough to get oooooo. If you win this season, just be happy because you are favoured.

Update 2: Just when we thought things were getting better, things have become worse. Week 11 produced 13 draws, and some people smiled with Oyibo’s games.

But, the reality dawned again in Week 12 which produced just 8 draws on coupon. Week 13 produced 13 draws, Week 14 had 13 draws. Wk 18 = 15draws. Wk 19= 12 draws.

Week 20 produced 17 draws. In week 21, we had 10 draws. Week 22 pool result brought .11.draws. What happens in week 23: 9 draws.

Are you very good at predicting the number of pool result draws each given week?

For those who have not won this season, just keep trying and hoping; you will certainly win when the appropriate time comes around. However, if you do not win this season, next season will be better.

Looking for an attractive rate to buy or sell dollars in Nigeria? Kindly see our Exchange Rate Dollar to Naira Black Market for November, 2017. page immediately.

..Banker Nap: Kindly call Mr Oyibo now to receive your free nap of this week.
Call Mr Oyibo on: his number is at the bottom of this post.
Precious draws:….()/()….
RSKBets draws: …..()/()…
Solutiontipster: …()/()…


* Gambling or betting involves high psychological and financial risks.

**** There is no 100% guarantee in this pool business that games posted here every week will deliver

Banker Pair proof: I am glad you are reading this piece of information. Thanks for your patience.

Pool is a secret, and only those who are good at keeping secrets become successful. Here is a fact: if you must win pool, then do not play pool. You know why?

The people who play pool do not win pool, and those who win pool do not play pool.

I have observed that many stakers and punters spend more time and energy looking for proof, I don’t just understand why.

Every week, various punters prove games beyond reasonable doubt, but what comes out at the end of the day when results are out?

Sometimes, you don’t necessarily need a good prove before games play. This business is built heavily on luck because punters are not in total control.

let me ask you a question: can you please come to my office this week and know the secret of my games?

1. I know you will ask: where is your office?

2. You may also ask: when do you want me to come to your office?

let me use the above questions to explain how pool works.

I can tell you that I am in Abuja and give you my accurate office address and I will convince you with the description of the place. But, when you get there, you will not see me because I gave you a fake location. As I type this post, I am not in Abuja.

Now, relate the above information to pool; that is what happens every week. most information available to punters and stakers every week are fake and unreliable. This is the reason why there will always be more losses in the business.

What if I decide to give you my accurate location; when you do come around, you find me? But, how many people will I really want to meet me?

Do you now see why it is tough to win pool? So, expect to lose most of the time; but, should you manage to win, just be happy.

Do you know that the Pool industry/business started in 1923 and the enterprise is still existing till date; you know why? the secret of the game is guarded deeply.

You may not agree with me, but pool results of the 2023 has been prepared; nobody has access to it except the family in charge of the business.

Everything is well structured and programmed.

Thus, if you really need the explanation and proof of my games, then give me a call, let discuss business.

Goodluck!!! If you win with this game, kindly call to show appreciation. Thanks!!!
(..no free games..) Nap posted online on Saturday at 7:22 am. Kindly stake wisely, thanks!!!

Banker Pair: ………
JohnPaul: …. (…14./..33..) …
For one fixed draw. ( pair online latest Wednesday).

Performance of My banker pairs for past uk pool Weeks:

Week 10: (1xxxxx)
Week 11: (9fff, 26fff)
Week 12: (7fff, 25fff)
Week 13: (19ff, 28fff)
Week 14: (12ff, 36xxx)
Week 15: (25ff, 30fff)
Week 16: (25ff, 30xxx)
Week 17: (1fff, 30xxx)
Week 19: (3xxx, 16xxx)
Week 22: (3fff, 4xxxx..)
Week 23: (12ff, 31fff)

Invest N500 on this Bet9ja game for this weekend, and remember to send me my share of your winning. If you are a greedy person, for your own good, do not play this game.

Bet9ja Booking Code Number for Saturday 23/12/2017:

I have said it here several times that I do not claim to be a magician or a miracle worker. There are none in this business. Pool is based on luck.

Please, before you call John Paul, kindly ensure that you know why you are calling; thanks!

My best dead game of this football pool week is coupon number…16…?

Our free pool Nap:….for this present weekend pool fixed odd draws comes next: ……..

I am pleased to announce to you that I have found the secret that you can follow every week in other for you to consistently be on the winning side.

Johnpaul: +234-703-063-5051
Mr Oyibo: +234-703-981-7674.
Mr Smart: +234-816-514-3146.

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