Week 25 Poolology Students Banker Room

Warning: It will be very difficult to win pool this season, so do not invest your life investment playing pool.

Those setting the pool no longer play what they set, so how can you win pool when what you follow is not working?

Do not forget: you need just two good winning this season to make it big.

So, do not feel discouraged and keep on playing what I drop here.

From this week onward, you will begin to see the power of the simple but powerful team number and movement sequence.

I have been doing more intensive research recently and realize that everything on pool is programmed differently.

There are some sequence that must fail on Purple, Red, Brown, but will play on Blue.

Now that we are into more colours, we have chances of winning heavily between now and Christmas.

All you need to do is believe in yourself and in what we do here.

There is hope!!!!

I want to remind everyone here that the games posted here may not always play every week; this is the reason we protect ourselves with Good Money Management.

If You Must Win Pool, You Must Follow Good Money Management.

Good money management is investing what you can afford to lose; TRY to follow this meticulously, Please!

If you do not understand what I write here, you really need to call me and seek clarification.

Now, I want to appeal to all pool stakers, please, take the “Money Management” instructions below seriously. With “Money Management“, you can beat promoters to their game.

If you have not been implementing ” Money Management” in gambling, please start this week.

If you must play my games this weekend, then you must apply good sound “Money Management”.

Good Money Management is playing games with a specific amount of money on a weekly basis throughout the season.

Why do you need this? I will show you with a good example below:

If you invest N1000 every week on pool, by the end of week 45, you would have spent N40,000 playing pool.

Week 5 – 45 = 40.
N1000 × 40 = N40,000
If you invest N2,000, N5000, N10,000, N15,000, or N20,000 weekly, at the end of Week 45, you would have spent:
N2000 × 40 = N80,000
N5000 × 40 = N200,000
N10,000 × 40 = N400,000.
N20,000 × 40 = N800,000.
Now, here is the trick: to recover the whole cash you invested throughout the season, you need only ONE WINNING on a FULL PAYMENT week.

Let me calculate: the minimum odd of a Full Payment week is 100 while highest odd is 300.

Multiply 100 by your stake:
N1000 × 100 = N100, 000.
N1000 × 300 = N300, 000.

What of those using N10,000 or N20,000 weekly? You apply the same principle.

N20,000 × 100 = N2 Million
N20,000 × 300 = N6 Million

Do you now see that by just winning once on a full payment week, you have made over 150% of what you invested for the entire season?

Imagine a scenario where you win four times and more before the season ends, you would have made a fortune.

If need more information on how to apply good money management in pool, you can call John Paul immediately, thanks!

It is time to drop my games for this week:

Check below to see the forecast games for the week.

For those who have contributions to make, drop your observations below, thanks!!!

As usual, final updates and selections to come on Thursday evening.

Best Banker: 33

Week 25: Cheltenham @33xxxx

My best banker.
Next Banker:

Pair: 7/17
Pair: 30/40


Week 25 Games Summary:

Nap: 14/30/33

Perm: 7/14/30/33

Dead games:

Good Luck!!!


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