Week 27 Football Pools Dead games, cannots draws Jan 13, 2018

Happy New Year 2018. Our registration bonanza promo of N10,000 has now come to end. Everything returns back to normal.

Registration fee for 2017/2018 British Football Pools Season returns back to normal price of N30,000.

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What do you get after paying the money above?

First: of course, I will give you games weekly if you paid N50,000. If you paid N20,000, you will get my games for only 1 month.

Secondly, I will teach you and enlighten you on my secret of good money management.

Trust me when I tell you that if you must succeed in this pool business, you obviously need to learn about my secret strategy on pool business money management.

My best dead game of this football pool week is coupon number…..11….

The question you may be curious enough to ask here is: how do I get my dead games?

I do not formulate dead games, nor do I conjure dead games.

What I do is simple: I am humble enough to follow the advice of the professionals who have been in this pools business for years.

I know you may be curious to know these professionals. Do not worry because I will reveal them to you.

Those I learn from before selecting my dead games are: Banky Niger Fixtures, Special Advance Niger Fixtures, and Right-On Niger Fixtures.

The above names are my primary source of dead games, but they are not the only authority I consult.

The next secondary source of my dead games is the RSK group of papers – soccer research, bob morton, and Capital International.

This secondary source of information is so reliable and important to me that I have now created a special page to archive their papers weekly on this blog.

You can see the rsk pools paper on ======>>>> RSK Soccer Research, Bob Morton, Capital International UK Pools Papers for 2018 season

Now that you know that I only post dead games here after consulting the professionals in the betting industry, it is time to show you my dead games.

Here are the best of my dead games selections with their respective proofs from this current football pools week:

My dead games for this current coupon week 27 is now available.

See them for yourself below, thanks.

11: This is a special dead game movement from the Bob Morton pool paper.

From the moment I started playing pool 23 months ago, I have observed that RSK has a special killing range.

Kindly check the front-page of Bob Morton, you will see coupon number 11 written in red ink.

Any number written in red ink has refused to play draw. My only advice here is this: do not use pool number 11 to nap this week, you can add it to your games as permutation.

2: This special killing range sequence comes from Niger pool records.

The coupon number 2 is a key that is promoting coupon number 39 as a fixed draw banker this week.

Whenever Burnley sets at number 2 away, what you watch out for is simple:

1. Go to the next week of play and check if Luton is sitting on coupon number 40 at home.

2. If Luton is at 40 home, locate its opponent.

3. Go to the current week and check if Stevenage is at away.

4. If Stevenage is away, check to find out if the opponent of Luton is playing Stevenage on coupon.

5. So, if the advance opponent of Luton @ 40 is playing host to Stevenage in the current week of play, you mark it as a fixed draw.

Therefore, Burnley at number is a fixed dead match for this week 27 because it is promoting 39 to draw.

17: This special dead game comes from Right-On Football Niger paper. The movement is a bit complex, but will attempt to provide the proof below.

Coupon number 16 and 17 is a compulsory pair for one fixed draw this week.

In my own opinion, the banker is 16 while 17 is likely to fail.

I will provide reference to backup this movement because the setting may likely end this week 27.

Go to week 7, you will find out that Fulham sits on top of Preston at pool number 16 and 17 respectively.

How do you determine the team that draws and fails? Check this out.

The team that plays a draw must take on Middlesboro, and it must be a calculated coupon number.

In week 7 of this 2017/2018 pool season, Middlesboro played against Preston and the game ended in a draw while Fulham was a dead game.

Why did preston draw?

Count the total letters of preston together, you will arrive at 7. Now, Middlesboro picked a draw with Preston at coupon number 17.

So, what may likely happen this week 27?

Check your coupon, you will see Fulham sitting on top of Preston at AWAY on coupon number 16 and 17 respectively.

This time around, Fulham will pick a draw with Middlesboro while Preston may likely fail. Why?

Count the total letters of Fulham, the result will give you 6.

Now, Middlesboro is set to play Fulham this week on coupon number 16.

In a nut shell, I seriously have doubt about coupon number 17 playing a draw this week, so that is why it is among my cannot draws for this week.

22/24: If coupon number 16 picks a draw this weekend, then number 22 is most likely to join number 17 as special cannot draws for this week.

This is because both coupon numbers are working together to project number 16 as a fixed draw for this week.

The movement projecting coupon number 24 as dead game this week is still on, so I will not be revealing the secret in the open anytime soon.

14: The dead game comes from Soccer X research pools paper.

Since the season, any game that carries 44% is a strong cannot draw.

In week 27, 14 = 44%.

While I have no information on when the sequence above may likely fail, I will advice you use coupon number 14 as permutation.

1: I consider this coupon number as another strong cannot draw.

I am going for a shocker here: I am projecting Leicester to visit Stamford Bridge and cause an upset.

I am predicting this outcome:

1. Anybody to win and both teams to score

2. Away to win and both teams to score.

More dead games for this week will drop online later, Kindly check back, thanks!!!

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