Week 29 RSK Soccer X Research pools bankers, pairs, 2018

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After the disastrous performance of Week 6, 2017/2018 UK Football Pools Season, we are of the opinion that this season may likely be worse than Australian Season.

In Week 4 of the 2017/2018 English season, we had 11 draws; in Week 5, we had 10 draws. As already posted above, we had 5 draws in week 6. Only those who control the business know how “bloody” this season will be. week 19: 12 draws. Week 18: 15 draws. Week 23: 9 draws on coupon. Week 25: 16 draws, Week 24: 15 draws. Week 26: 12 draws. Week 27: 17 draws. Week 28: 12 draws.

RSK Soccer pools paper pairs

RSK Soccer pools paper pairs


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Soccer X Research Football pool banker of the week is: <<<<<<<<(44)>>>>>>>>>

Let me show the proof of this banker games.

At the backpage of soccer research, there are two boxes namely:

1. Home Banker
2. Away Banker
3. Cannot Draw

If you go to the backpage of RSK soccer research paper for this week 29, you will observe two numbers marked (XXXXXX).

The two coupon numbers are 8 and 44.

If any number marked XXXXX is found at “Away Banker”, that game is a fixed draw.

The number at ” Away Banker” for this week 29 is 44.

Coupon number 44 represents the match between Ross County and Rangers.

My best dead games of this football pool week are coupon numbers…..2/13…..

I decided to expose this sequence because it is most likely to end this week.

Coupon numbers 2 and 3 are my best dead games this week based on the movement of teams occupying those positions.

I am backing Cardiff City to cause an upset and record a (1-0) or (2-1) score line margin against Manchester City.

I am also backing Sheffield Wednesday to record a victory over Reading FC.

Do you know why I made the above predictions?

My source is Niger records.

Check this out: whenever coupon number 19 plays a draw, the two teams are your confirmed dead games the following week of play.

Week 5 (Brown Coupon): Reading vs Fulham @19 (1-1)
Week 6: Fulham vs Shef Wed (0-1)
Week 6: Preston vs Reading (1-0)

Week 19 (Red Coupon): Charlton vs Milton K @19 (2-2)
Week 20: Doncaster v Milton K (2-1)
Week 20: Scunthorp v Charlton (2-0)

Week 22 (Blue Coupon): Wolves vs Sunderland @19 (0-0)
Week 23: Sunderland v Fulham (1-0)
Week 23: Sheff Wed v Wolves (0-1)

Week 28 (Purple Couple): Sheffield Wednesday vs Cardiff @19 (0-0)
Week 29: Cardiff v Man City @2 (..)?
Week 29: Sheff Wed v Reading @13 (..)?

If you follow the sequence above critically, you will observe that both games ought to be victory for the Home Teams.

So, do you have a contrary and conflicting forecast?

Drop a comment below, thanks!

The proof of my chief cannot draw this week and the rest of my dead games are available on our cannot draws page, kindly visit =====> English football Pools Betting Dead Games, Cannot Draws for this Coupon Week

Soccer X Research Pool paper dead game of the week is: <<<<<<<<<<<(17)>>>>>>>>>>>>>

The number at “Home Banker” does not draw without a special coded movement from RSK.

So, based on the authority of RSK, I sentence coupon number 17 to death and it ought to remain dead and buried.

I must warn you that I do not rely solely on the judgement of RSK papers before picking my games weekly.

Like every human activity, invention, and innovation, there are always loopholes.

RSK is not an exception.

They consciously and deliberately drop dead games in draw zones and vice versa.

Those controlling and producing the paper weekly have basic knowledge of the draws to be played each week.

They cannot give it out to you every week, and you cannot win with rsk papers every week.

The business must always be around for many years to come, this is the reason why stakers must lose.

If you need more banker games proof for the above numbers, kindly call or Whatsapp John Paul. Proof of additional games cost N10,000.

Wishing you all the best of Luck!!! Feel free to check back again next week. Games will be posted latest on Wednesday evening by 8pm (GMT).


* Gambling or betting involves high psychological and financial risks.

** Newsbeatportal.com cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage as a result of the consequence of decisions based on information, betting advice or links provided on this site.

*** The visitor is warned to act exclusively at his or her own discretion and risk. Thanks!!!

Please, I need to state this clearly: do not think that the soccer banker prediction I post here weekly will deliver.

I do not expect the games I post online to play always; so, kindly put at the back of your mind that everything in pool is constant trial.

I am not a member of the Cardiff board that decides on the number of draws that will be played in each coupon week.

I do not also decide or claim to know the specific teams that have been fixed to play draws this week.

Everything I do here online is an avenue to share my forecast draws with you. So, put that in mind.

Tip: any week my pairs or games deliver, just be cautious of the banker games I drop online the following week.

There is a high probability that the football banker bets games for the next weekend will fail woefully.

I know you may be wondering why I have decided to be as plain as possible here; it is simple: I do not want you to think that I am a magician who is very good in producing draws.

So, kindly stake my games with what you can afford to lose.

Soccer X Research pool paper pairs for the week: <<<<<<<<()/()>>>>>>>>


This is not compulsory, but for only serious minded persons out there who want to join my membership group.

Here are my terms and conditions:

1. Registration fee from now till the end of the season is N50,000. If you are not willing to pay, you can pay N25000 to get the game for this week.

2. Games will be sent out to you every week.

3. You are expected not to give out our the games sent to you.

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5. You are expected to appreciate after winning. Failure to do this will see your membership terminated.

6. This membership group is not for everybody and you MUST not join.

7. You are guaranteed to win at LEAST 5 times during this season.

8. I will give you a well structured plan to follow.

9. I cannot assure you that you will win every week with my games.

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Soccer X Research Paper: This is one of the UK pools forecast which is published by RSK weekly in Nigeria.

It is the World’s Number One 1.2.X Forecast guide.

It is specifically compiled in the UK and sent down to Nigeria for publishing.

Finally, it is the most popular and sought after compiling papers in Nigerians. Most forecasters in the country focus their energies to unravel its secrets.

One of the reputable slogans on RSK Soccer Research is this: “keep accurate records weekly, fortune is assured”.

Let us now turn our attention to the second most popular paper in Nigeria.

Bob Morton Pool Paper: this is known as Bob Morton Intercontinental Football Pools analysis paper.

It is the most comprehensively compiled weekly 1.2.X guide. It is as a result of its comprehensiveness that makes it one of my best forecast papers.

In fact, I am most likely to admit here that Bob Morton is my favourite forecast paper.

But, why do I prefer Bob Morton to other papers?

It is very complex, comprehensive, and enriching. Though, it is difficult to understand and comprehend, it does not fail to churn out bankers weekly.

It may take a while to understand this forecast paper, but once you settle down to study it patiently and diligently, you will be amazed at how efficient it is.

The key to understanding bob morton is simple: pay attention to every details.

Capital International: this is Britain’s leading 1.2.X forecast guide.

It is the less sought after pools paper in the collections of RSK.

Only few compilers and forecasters pay attention to this paper.

The paper is very simple to mark, but more complex decoding its bankers.

The only beautiful thing about this paper remains the fact it works hand-in-hand with Soccer and Bob Morton.

Very often it creates conflict in the mind of stakers as well.

For example: in week 27, Bob Morton projected a very a strong pair: 18/38.

Ideally, 38 was meant to be a dead game while 18 was the banker. But, guess what: Capital successfully projected 18 as a chief cannot draw.

Verdict: 38 ended up playing a no score draw, while coupon number 18 ended as an AWAY WIN.

In all, the above papers work together to ensure that “fortuned is assured” in the pool industry.

John Paul: 07030635051

Bet9ja booking number: 6FM5MHH

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