Week 36 UK Football Pools Tips, Bankers, Naps – March 17, 2018

Newsbeatportal pool banker welcomes you to our banker page:

My UK football pool banker for this coupon week is ready: watch on ======>>>>>Video: Latest British Football Pools Banker Number

..Banker Nap: Kindly call Mr Oyibo now to receive your free nap of this week.

Call Mr Oyibo on: his number is at the bottom of this post.

Banker Pair proof:

(..3.11/20.) Nap posted online on Saturday at 7:22 am.

Kindly stake wisely, thanks!!!

Banker Pair: ………
JohnPaul: …. (….11/12……) …
For one fixed draw. ( pair online latest Wednesday).

To see how my football pool banker pairs have been performing:

click on =======> Weekly performance of my Banker Pairs for 2017/2018 UK Football Pools Season

Newsbeatportal pool banker dead games:

My best dead games of this football pool week are coupon numbers….32/39……

The proof of my chief cannot draw this week,

and the rest of my dead games are available on our cannot draws page,

kindly visit =====> English football Pools Betting Dead Games, Cannot Draws for this Coupon Week

Our free pool Nap:

….for this present weekend pool fixed odd draws comes next:

….(1/2/3)….check here on Saturday by 1 pm for weekend nap.

Newsbeatportal team of compilers:

Mr Oyibo: +234-703-981-7674.
Mr Smart: +234-816-514-3146.
John Paul: +234-703-063-5051.


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