Week 37 Bigwin Soccer pool banker 24/3/2018

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These are the projected games from Big win soccer forecast pools paper for week 37 of the British football pools season.

Step 1: go to page 3 and locate the games marked “Super Pair”.

Step 2: one of the games will be transferred to the box marked “Stay with the best”.

Step 3: If the game appears on the left, it is cannot. If it appears on the right, it is your fixed draw.

Week 19:
Super pair = 1/8

Stay with the best = 1/3.

Number 1 is a cannot.

Week 28:
Super Pair = 2/3

Stay with the best = 2/7.

Number 2 is a cannot.

Week 30:
Super Pair = 4/7

Stay with the best = 5/7

Number 7 is a banker (2-2).

Week 37:
Super Pair = 4/21

Stay with the best = 3/4.

Number 4 is a banker.

Second sequence from Big win:

Step 1: go to page 2.

Step 2: locate the Two games under ” Watch ”

Step 3: one of the games to enter “Midweek Matches” box.

Week 26:
Games under Watch = 37/41

Midweek matches box = 41fff

Week 33:
Watch box = 31/35

Midweek matches box = 31ffff

Week 37:
Watch box = 24/25

Midweek matches box = 25xxxxx.

Note: when the game sets again for the second time, take note of the following:

1. The two games at Watch, check if they are serial numbers.

2. Check if the number placed on midweek matches box is higher than the other number.

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