Week 37 Bigwin Soccer pool banker, perm 24/3/2018

Bigwin free banker Nap for last week 35 failed to deliver.

This forecast paper has brought another game this time around.

We hope it delivers again as it did the first it sets on paper.

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British Football Pools Banker:

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After the disastrous performance of Week 6, 2017/2018 UK Football Pools Season, we are of the opinion that this season may likely be worse than Australian Season.

In Week 4 of the 2017/2018 English season, we had 11 draws; in Week 5, we had 10 draws.

As already posted above, we had 5 draws in week 6. Only those who control the business know how “bloody” this season will be.

Bigwin Soccer pool paper banker, pairs for Week 8 - Sept 2, 2017

Bigwin Soccer pool paper banker, pairs for Week 8 – Sept 2, 2017

Bigwin Soccer Pool paper dead game of the week is: <<<<<<<<<<<()>>>>>>>>>>>>>

My best dead games of this football pool week are coupon numbers……….

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*** The visitor is warned to act exclusively at his or her own discretion and risk. Thanks!!!

Please, I need to state this clearly: do not think that the soccer banker prediction I post here weekly will deliver.

I do not expect the games I post online to play always;

so, kindly put at the back of your mind that everything in pool is constant trial.

I am not a member of the Cardiff board that decides on the number of draws that will be played in each coupon week.

I do not also decide or claim to know the specific teams that have been fixed to play draws this week.

Everything I do here online is an avenue to share my forecast draws with you. So, put that in mind.

Tip: any week my pairs or games deliver, just be cautious of the banker games I drop online the following week.

There is a high probability that the football banker bets games for the next weekend will fail woefully.

I know you may be wondering why I have decided to be as plain as possible here;

it is simple: I do not want you to think that I am a magician who is very good in producing draws.

So, kindly stake my games with what you can afford to lose.

Bigwin Soccer Pool paper banker this week pool forecast is: <<<<<<<<()>>>>>>>>>

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Good Luck, and God bless you, Amen!!!! From John Paul on 07030635051


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