Week 37 UK Football Pools Dead games, cannots draws Mar 24, 2018

Happy New Year 2018. My best dead game of this football pool week is coupon number………16/25……..

You can watch the proof of our dead game special secret movement formula on our Youtube channel page.

Simply use this video link to access it ======>>>>>English football pools betting dead games, cannot draws for 2017/2018 Season

The rest of my dead games selections with their respective proofs from this current football pools week are:

Dead game: 40

This dead game comes from RSK Capital International forecast paper.

It is a very strong cannot draw for this pool coupon week.

The movement projecting it as a dead is so unique that:

I am 100% confident that the football match could go either way.

If this is your banker, kindly search for other numbers.

Here is the bet9ja booking number of my dead games for this week.

Kindly stake it with N500 to win ….N50,000….

Bet9ja prediction Booking code:

Strong Dead game: 41

This game comes from Right-On Niger pools forecast paper.

This match, based on forecast, ought to end in a draw but I am 95% certain that it will fail.

So, if you were already thinking of investing your money on it this week as a banker draw, think again.

As a strategy, I will back Newcastle to win because there is great value in doing so.

I stake games when there are potential upsets.

And this is surely one of them.

Football Pools dead game: 43

This football coupon numbers should be considered dead and buried.

It has been laid to rest by one of the most popular forecast pool papers among punters and compilers – Niger records.

If you are using the above number, ensure you do not nap with them. It is advised you perm them.

However, I must warn you that this paper may be the most popular of rsk papers among compilers and forecasters, but I dislike it.

The paper is never straight forward and it has lots of tricks on its sleeves.

The reason I distaste this paper is simple: it always program confusion each given week.

Depending on how you forecast, the paper may be projecting a particular number as a fixed draw from one angle.

But, from another angle, it is projecting that same number as dead.

This brings about confusion, lack of desire, and uncertainty.

How can you either make money or lose money when you are confused?

UK Football Pools Dead game: 44

By merely looking at this two teams, one is tempted to suggest that the match will end as a full-time draw.

But, I am not going with the crowd on this pool number.

The safer bet here is to go for “anybody to win”.

Either of the two teams is capable of winning this match.

But, I will be backing Bristol C to record a 2-0 score victory against its opponent.

Now, here is a question for you: do you have a contrary and conflicting forecast?

Drop a comment below, thanks!

British Pools Dead game: 19

I spotted this dead game from a good compiler and decided to drop it here as away.

Most compilers and punters out there will parade this coupon number as a draw, but I seriously doubt it will go as projected.

If you cannot use it a dead number, then avoid it entirely as a football banker draw.

As another testament to this coupon number as dead, Right-On Football Niger records is fully in support of this dead digit.

Heavy Dead games: 1

Most times, do you know why people hardly win pool?

The term pool, if I am to give a definition, simply means “Confusion”, “The More you look, the Less you see”.

It was carefully designed to promote confusion – my dead game becomes your banker draw, your dead game becomes my banker draw.

It is such a complex game, and that is exactly why it is difficult to win.

If there is one number that may never end in a draw this week, then know that the number is here.

Uk pools Dead games: 11

These dead digits have been laid to rest by RSK Capital International pools paper.

If any of these dead digits survive, then it means this paper is losing its sensitivity and reliability.

Based on what happened in Week 6 of this 2017/2018 pool season, I am pretty much confident that week 32 will not be different.

So, kindly tread with caution this week so that you do not end up among the wailing party come Sunday February 18, 2018.

English football cannot draws: 45

On paper, this appears to be a balanced game that should end in a stalement.

More dead games for this week will drop online later, Kindly check back, thanks!!!

Meanwhile, let us discuss briefly on these group of the famous rsk papers.

Soccer X Research Paper:

This is one of the UK pools forecast which is published by RSK weekly in Nigeria.

It is the World’s Number One 1.2.X Forecast guide.

It is specifically compiled in the UK and sent down to Nigeria for publishing.

Finally, it is the most popular and sought after compiling papers in Nigerians.

Most forecasters in the country focus their energies to unravel its secrets.

One of the reputable slogans on RSK Soccer Research is this:

keep accurate records weekly, fortune is assured”.

Let us now turn our attention to the second most popular paper in Nigeria.

Bob Morton Pool Paper:

this is known as Bob Morton Intercontinental Football Pools analysis paper.

It is the most comprehensively compiled weekly 1.2.X guide.

It is as a result of its comprehensiveness that makes it one of my best forecast papers.

In fact, I am most likely to admit here that Bob Morton is my favourite forecast paper.

But, why do I prefer Bob Morton to other papers?

It is very complex, comprehensive, and enriching.

Though, it is difficult to understand and comprehend, it does not fail to churn out bankers weekly.

It may take a while to understand this forecast paper.

But once you settle down to study it patiently and diligently, you will be amazed at how efficient it is.

The key to understanding bob morton is simple:

pay attention to every details.

Capital International: this is Britain’s leading 1.2.X forecast guide.

It is the less sought after pools paper in the collections of RSK.

Only few compilers and forecasters pay attention to this paper.

The paper is very simple to mark, but more complex decoding its bankers.

The only beautiful thing about this paper remains the fact it works hand-in-hand with Soccer and Bob Morton.

Very often it creates conflict in the mind of stakers as well.

For example: in week 27, Bob Morton projected a very a strong pair: 18/38.

Ideally, 38 was meant to be a dead game while 18 was the banker.

But, guess what: Capital successfully projected 18 as a chief cannot draw.

Verdict: 38 ended up playing a no score draw, while coupon number 18 ended as an AWAY WIN.

In all,

the above papers work together to ensure that “fortuned is assured” in the pool industry.


I want to equally add here that these group of papers do not give you winnings every week.

Very often, you will agree with me that they intentionally, consciously, and deliberately drop cannot draws in draw zones and put draws in dead spots.

You may have even observed that most second time sequences and movement hardly works.

I am not too sure why they behave in this manner or why they make stakers lose money especially when they rely heavily on RSK papers.


one thing I can confirm here is that RSK still remains the king of uk pools fixed draws and one of the best out there in the world of gambling.

Do you have something to say with regard to RSK papers?

Do you use Soccer Research, Bob Morton, and Capital International?

What has been your experiences so far?

You can always talk to us directly through this blog or email us.


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