Week 38 RSK Capital pools paper bankers, pairs, Mar 31, 2018

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RSK Capital International Football pools one banker draws: <<<<<<<<(31) Capital international games for this week 38. Go to page 3 of Capital pools forecast paper. The focus is on Compilers Jackpot Super 'X' PAIRS. Look for Bob Morton column. Week 33 Bob Morton pair: A. QPR vs Nottingham forest ffff - B. Forest Green vs Crawley ffff. Week 38 Bob Morton pair: A. Ipswich vs Millwall (???) - B. Doncaster vs Wimbledon (???) Here is another sequence from the Compilers Jackpot Super Pairs. Week 34. B. Blackpool vs Northampton xxxxxx Week 35: B. Grimsby vs Port Vale xxxxxx Week 36: B. Blackpool vs Southend xxxxx Week 37: B. Forest Green vs Mansfield @19 ffff Week 38: B. Doncaster vs Wimbledon @22 (???) Here is another forecast observation from this week paper. Capital paper banker: 31. Proof: Go to the front-page of Rsk capital paper. Your focus should be on "Draws are most likely at". You also need to keep am eye on the " Draw Banker Box" at page 3. When any number at "Draws are most likely at" rated 'X', is transferred to 'Draw Banker Box' on page 3, that game is most likely to end in a draw. Week 5: 10 'X' 17 'X' xxxxx 17 was transferred to 'Draw Banker box'. Week 13: 17 'X' 22 'X' xxxxx 22 was transferred to 'Draw banker box'. Week 15: 26 'X' 33 'X' xxxxx 33 transferred to 'Draw banker box' Week 21: 6 'X' 24 'X' xxxxx Week 27: 2 'X' 7 'X' fffffff 7 transferred to 'Draw banker box' Week 31: 10 'X' 13 'X' xxxxx 13 appeared in the 'Draw banker box' Week 38: 17 'X' 31 'X' 31 is transferred to the 'Draw banker box'. JohnPaul: 07030635051.