Week 38 RSK Soccer X Research pools bankers, pairs, 2018

Rsk soccer research paper forecast is projecting the following games as football pools banker for this week 38.

The three games are coupon numbers 12, 16, and 17.

See the proofs of each of the games below:

Proof of 12.

Step 1: Go the back page of soccer research pool paper.

Step 2: at the bottom of the paper, you will see the following boxes –

Away banker box, cannot draw box, and home banker box.

Step 3: any time the home banker box carries number 1, the game you see at the cannot draw box is your fixed match.

Week 6:
Home banker = Bournemouth vs Watford @1

Cannot draw = Bristol C vs Millwall @11 (0-0).

Week 31:
Home banker = Chelsea vs West brom @1

Cannot draw = Bristol C vs Sunderland @14 (3-3)

Week 38:
Home banker = Arsenal vs Stoke city @1.

Cannot Draw = Burton Albion vs Middlesboro @12 (…..)

This is the proof of 16:

Step 1: go to page 3 of soccer research paper.

Step 2: there are three numbers on top of the column labelled “Tips For The Pools”

Step 3: the percentage of the last number on “tips for the pools” will enter into the box beside “This Week’s Selections”.

Week 23:
Tips for the pools: 3 – 19 – 44.

Check the percentage of 44 = 42%.

The two games beside this week selection are 22/42.

Banker = 22 (1-1).

Week 36:
Tips for the pools: 1 – 22 – 27.

Percentage of 27 = 35%.


Banker = 12 (1-1).

Week 38:
Tips for the pools: 2 – 29 – 44.

Percentage of 44 = 33%.

The two games on top of Bob Morton 1.2.X Forecast = 16/33.

Banker = 16.

Proof of 44.

Step 1: Locate League Tables on page 3.

Step 2: there are two numbers beside league tables.

Step 3. Check the percentage of the second number on the right.

Step 4: the result to appear on the three number on top of “Tips for the pools”.

Week 38:
Two numbers beside league tables are 17/38.

Percentage of 38 = 44%.

Tips for the pools games are: 2 – 9 – 44.

Banker = 44 (0-0).

Note, the above sequence works only on blue coupon. On red coupon, it becomes a strong cannot.


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