Week 39 Sure Niger Record Sequence Free Pools Bankers 2018

If you patiently and carefully read through the content of this post, you will see and understand how I arrived at my Uk football pools bankers for this Week 39 in 2017/2018 season.

I have several games to show you, but we may have to take it one step at a time. So, are you ready to walk with me on this journey of learning how to forecast games for this Week 39?

What are the requirements for this free lecture on poolology? If you do not have a notebook, go buy one immediately and come back to read this post. If you already have a notebook, then pick up your pen and open your Niger records booklets.

For the record, I use Right-On Football Fixtures because of its uniqueness and special coded sequences that it has. I must warn you here that I will be using these words: Key/Sequence, interchangeably.

First Key:
This game came from another compiler. And after reviewing it, I felt it is worth sharing it with you here.

The movement states that: whenever Chelsea sits at couple number 4 (Home / Away), simply count the total alphabets together to give you one fixed banker for the week.

Week 20:
Liverpool vs Chelsea @4 (1-1)
Liverpool = 9.

Banker = Tottenham vs Westbrom @9 (1-1)

Week 21:
Chelsea vs Newcastle @4 (3-1)
Newcastle = 9.

Banker of the week = Watford vs Tottenham @9 (1-1).

Week 23:
Chelsea vs Southampton @4 (1-0)
Southampton = 11.

Free banker = Brentford vs Barnsley @11 (0-0)

Week 39:
Chelsea vs Westham @4 (Home Win)
Westham = 7.

Banker game: Manchester City vs Manchester United (potential draw).

Here is another proof of coupon number 7 as a fixed banker draw for this week.

Key states that: whenever Manchester City appears on Brown, Blue, Red coupon, add code 20 to the week of first appearance. Use the result to locate the week of play and Mark Manchester City as your fixed draw.

Week 5 (Brown Coupon):
Brighton vs Man City @1 (0-2).

5+20 = 25. Go to week 25.

Week 25 (Brown Coupon):
Crystal Palace vs Man City @3 (0-0).

Week 10 (Blue Colour):
Watford vs Man City @7 (0-6)

20+10 = 30. Go to week 30.

Week 30:
Burnley vs Man City @4 (1-1).

Week 19 (Red Niger):
Leicester vs Man City @4 (0-2)

19+20 = 39. Go to week 39.

Week 39:
Man City vs Man United @7 (xxxxxx)

Second banker for this week 39 is coupon number 12.

Burton A vs Brentford off coupon (0-1).

Now, whenever you see both teams enter coupon number 12 home, you mark it as a fixed banker for that respective pool week.

Week 35:
Burton A vs Bristol C @12 (0-0)

Week 36:
Brenford vs Middlesboro @12 (1-1).

Week 38:
Burton A vs Middlesboro @12 (1-1).

Week 39:
Brentford vs Ipswich @12 (0-0). That is my predicted correct score line.

Let me show you another sequence backing up this coupon number 12 as pools banker for the week.

Key states: In the championship, Brenford has been programmed to pick a draw every 8 weeks on red colour.

Week 7:
Brentford vs Wolves @12 (0-0)

7+8 = 15.

Week 15:
Brentford vs Sunderland @12 (3-3)

15+8 = 23.

Week 23:
Brentford vs Barnsley @11 (0-0)

23+8 = 31.

Week 31:
Brentford vs Preston @13 (1-1)

31+8 = 39.

Week 39:
Brenford vs Ipswich @12 (0-0) no score draw predicted.

So far, the two bankers projected for this week are coupon number 7 and 12.

If you play Nap, you can try this game: 7/12/22.

Stake the nap with N1000 or N2000. Do not play the nap with cash above N2000, thanks!!!!

Proof of 22 will come next.

This sequence is ending this weekend, this is the reason i decided to publish it out for everyone to see.

This is a Blue to Red Niger movement.

Key states that: whenever any team sits on a particular number at away on Blue coupon, if it fails that week and retains the same number the following week (Red coupon), simply bank on that number as a potential fixed match for that week of play.


Week 6 (Blue Coupon):
Milton K vs Gillingham @25 (1-0)

Week 7 (Red Coupon):
Gillingham vs Southend @25 (3-3)

Week 14 (Blue Coupon):
Portsmouth vs Milton K @27 (2-0)

Week 15 (Red Coupon):
Milton K vs Oldham @27 (4-4)

Week 34 (Blue coupon):
Doncaster vs Bury @26 (Home win)

Week 35 (Red Coupon):
Bury vs Oldham @26 (2-2).

Week 38 (Blue colour):
Doncaster vs Wimbledon @22 (Home win)

Week 39 (Red Colour):
Wimbledon vs Scunthorpe @22 (1-1) potential score draw.

N1000 free Nap: 7/12/22

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