Week 39 Bob Morton forecast pools paper games April 7, 2018

These are the games from one of RSK best forecast pools paper – Bob Morton comprehensive guide for the 2017/2018 UK football pools season.

Before I show you my understanding of the likely bankers from this paper, I wish to let you know that Bob Morton is carrying out a thorough reset of its settings.

What this simply means is that what you may likely be seeing from the aforementioned paper are fresh sequence from their archives.

So, what’s the game for this week? Two of RSK forecast papers are working together here.

Step 1: pick up your Bob Morton paper and locate game 2 of “Fabulous 8” at the front-page.

Step 2: consult your RSK capital paper and focus on Editor’s Top 2 pair at the front-page of the paper.

Step 3: this is a red movement. On other colours, you are most likely to experience failure.

Step 4: any game transferred from the Editor’s pair to Bob Morton fabulous 8 on red coupon is a fixed draw.

Week 7:
Editor top 2 pair: 17/37

Fabulous ‘8’ game 2 = 17 rated XCB

Banker = 17xxxxxx

Week 35:
Editor top 2 pair = 20/32

Fabulous ‘8’ game 2 = 20 rated XCB

Banker = 20xxxxxxx

Week 39:
Editor Top 2 pair = 13/30

Fabulous ‘8’ game 2 = 13 rated XCB

Projected draw = 13 ( Cardiff vs Wolves).

Do you have any special sequence or game or this weekend? Kindly post below, thanks!!!

More update to come…