Week 45, 2019 UK Pool Broadcast List Details

Note: To join our WhatsApp VIP GROUP, contact John Paul on 07030635051

I always receive numerous phone calls every day from prospective stakers, compilers requesting for my games. As a result of that, I make this post weekly to educate the general public and stakers on how I operate, my terms and conditions.

Very often, those who call me always request for what I do not offer because of the wrong opinion they have of me. Therefore, kindly read my terms and conditions below so as to have an idea on what you get when you decide to join my WhatsApp Broadcast List.

WhatsApp Broadcast Terms and conditions:

I operate two separate broadcast list on WhatsApp. The first is for my students who are learning my system of forecast, and the second is generally for stakers.

1. WhatsApp broadcast list training fee is N50,000

2. WhatsApp Broadcast List for stakers registeration fee is N25,000.

3. Games are sent out weekly to members every Friday.

4. Games do not deliver every week.

5. Members are expected to play games sent to them weekly.

6. Members and students will be taught how to apply good money management in pool

7. Everyone is expected to follow good money management weekly before investing in games.

8. Everyone is guaranteed “4” winning per season.

9. To be successful in this business, you need only “2” winning on a ‘Full Payment’ week.

10. To join my WhatsApp Broadcast List and register for any of the two packages above, kindly call John Paul or send him messages through Text, Whatsapp chats.


John Paul: 07030635051.


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