Week 47, 2020 Aussie Football Free Pools Tips, Bankers, Naps

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The Pools Promoters Association in London has confirmed that suspension of football matches will not affect Weekly Pools. The Pools Panel will continue to give decisions on pool fixtures till further notice.

Take Note:
In 1963 the Deep Freeze caused matches to be cancelled for 10 weeks. The Pools business continued with the decision of the panels.

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Newsbeatportal pool banker welcomes you to our Australia Football Pools banker page this 2020 season. This is our main page where we ditch out our bankers, weekly football pair, and occasional 3/3 Naps.

Everybody thinks the UK Football and Aussie Pools business enterprise is where you go to get ‘free money’.

Different people have different conception and mindset when it comes to pool.

Though I have already written articles on the numerous misconceptions of the pool industry on this site, I just want to state here again one of them.

One of the myths of pool is this: “Pool is easy to win if you have the sure-game and key”.

But, I want to remind you that pool is not a business you win easily even though it is highly programmed and spiritual.

There are millions of setting and proof for each digit or number on coupon, but not every banker is fixed to play every week.

There are some numbers and teams that will never produce bankers irrespective of the key or sequence promoting them to play.

So, I want to categorically make you know this: you cannot win pool every week no matter how hard you work to win.

To be successful in this business, you need to lower your expectations. And embrace humility.

If you work towards winning pool Four (4) times in a year, trust me: you will achieve more than you can ever imagine.

With our proper strategy in place, we can help you achieve your goals. If you fail to plan, then you are already planning to fail. Ever business needs a plan, and pool business is not an exception.

But, why do you need a plan in this pool business? I will explain below.

Just think of pool as a raffle draw bonanza auction. How many people buy their tickets with the mind of winning the grand prize?

How many people go home with the grand prize?

That is pool for you: we all have our own individual raffle draw tickets, but we all cannot win every week. Many of us will lose, and only a few will win.

But, the fact that you were not among the winners for any given week do not necessarily mean that you will not win any other week.

What you need is consistent perseverance and working smart. Many of us fail to win because we do not embrace Patience.

But, here on this site, we show our registered members the two key factors that help stakers and compilers survive this business.

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Registered members of this site have access to our simple but effective sequence of understanding pool; they also have access to the principle of good money management.

To be able to work on the gift of Patience, we devised a good money management strategy that help put into perspective the goal of pool.
And the goal of every stakers is to win consistently.

Backing up our good money management strategy is our highly reliable method of forecast.

With a good forecast sequence and a sound money management strategy, you are equipped with all you need to profit consistently from this pool.

Weekend UK Pools Forecast:

This banker is from Niger records.
But, I will only drop one of the banker Pairs here for everyone to use.

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Week 47 Pair: 4/5

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2019/20 Super Pair Performance:

Week 29: 38xxxx, 49ffff
Week 27: 35ffff, 42ffff
Week 26: No Pair
Week 25: No Pair
Week 24: 20ffff, 21xxxxxx
Week 23: No Pair
Week 22: 27xxxx, 47fffff
Week 21: 24xxxx, 48fffff
Week 20: 32xxxx, 42xxxxx
Week 19: 21ffff, 41fffff
Week 18: 12ffff, 32fffff
Week 17: 11xxxx, 41xxxxx
Week 16: 7xxxxx, 17fffff
Week 15: 26ffff, 31fffff
Week 13: 31ffff, 44fffff
Week 12: 34xxxx, 35xxxxx
Week 10: No Pair
Week 09: No Pair
Week 08: 19xxxx/ 38ffffff
Week 07: No Pair
Week 06: 3xxxxxx/ 8ffffff
Week 05: No Pair
Week 04: 17xxxxx/ 29fffff

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