Week 6, 2023 UK Football Pools Classified Draws Results

Newsbeatportal UK Football Pool Banker welcomes you to our British and Scottish Football Pools banker page this 2023/2024 Season.

This is our main page where we will update you weekly with the British Football Pools Classified Draws Results.

2023 VIP Group Subscription Fee: N4,000. Join our VIP this week and enjoy our services from now till the end of the Year.

For terms and conditions of services, kindly call or WhatsApp *John Paul: 07030635051*

1. You will get Bankers, Pairs, Nap, and Winning Lines* from compilers and Researchers in the group.

2. You will get Leading Forecasting 1.2.X Guide Papers* to assist you in your research.

3. You will get my Banker Pair* every week.

Pair means: Two football matches highly likely to produce one Draw.

Week 6, 2023 UK Football Pools Classified Draws Results:



There are Four Major Steps below you MUST take in order to benefit from the 1.2.X:

*1* . You must treat the 1.2.X business like a real business; you MUST *prepare a budget* monthly and stick to it.

I always recommend spending 10% of your monthly earnings in 1.2.X. However, DO NOT spend more than 20% of your monthly earnings in the business.
– *(C) John Paul: 07030635051*
The amount of money you spend as a staker in the 1.2.X business is very important. When you regulate your spending, you are better prepared to handle losses and enjoy your profits.

*2.* Until you begin to consciously and actively implement appropriate money management discussed above, you may likely not be psychologically ready and prepared for winning weeks.
– *(C) John Paul: 07030635051*
So, it is very important that you EAT, BREATHE, IMBIBE money management principles and apply them meticulously. You MUST do this.

*3.* Because the business favours promoters, it means that there are so many fake information, fake sequences, fakes settings, and fake forecasts meant to deceive stakers most weeks. But, how do you handle this fake information?
*(C) John Paul: 07030635051*
This is where your personal input comes to play. You must stick to what works for you personally, and the only to do that is when you carry out a personal research. By studying the Forecasting papers, you will realise what works consistently and what doesn’t work consistently. The idea is to focus more in playing settings that work consistently.

4. When you have any doubts about any game in any particular week, do not play. When you are in doubt, do not act .

(C) John Paul: 07030635051

Do not spend more than 20% of your monthly income and earnings to gamble. Follow the great guidelines of money management. Dedicate your time to research, forecast, and personally study the Forecasting papers. And do not play a game when you are in doubt.

*Do you have any questions? Chat John Paul on: 07030635051*

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