Week 6 Bob Morton Paper Key: UK Football 2018/2019 Season

Welcome to the 2018/2019 English Football Pool Season, and we are wishing you tremendous Success throughout this marathon season.

This post is dedicated to our unique forecast from RSK Bob Morton Continental Forecast Pools Paper from Week 4, 2018 to Week 45, 2019.

There are a few things you need to know before using games we post on this site:

1. No pool forecast is 100% assured.

2. No sequence, no matter how reliable, will continue to produce bankers every week.

3. Bob Morton Forecast paper has over a million sequence and setting which they use each given week.

4. You cannot reliably know the sequence they programmed to produce bankers draws each week, but…

5. You must follow the simple advice we can give you: Play what you see.

6. What you see below is our Interpretation of the numerous sequence available each week.

7. As compilers, we must decide on the best draws for stakers each week and post the sequence here.

8. If the sequence we post below produce a winning line and makes you win, Rejoice and be Glad.

9. If the games posted below fails to draw, do not be ANGRY.

10. You cannot always and you must not always WIN Pool.

11. If you want us to be sending you the games we play each week, then register with us today:
Mr Oyibo: =====+234703-981-7674.
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John Paul :=== +234703-063-5051.
Note: this next information is very important, so try to read it carefully.

When it comes to paper forecast, I have a general rule that I follow:

I do not know when any position on coupon paper will begin to draw, or fail but…

1. If a position is producing a banker, continue to use it until it stops playing.

2. If a position is failing to draw, threat it as a dead game until it starts producing bankers.

Week 06 Bob Morton Paper Forecast: 18th August, 2018.

Two numbers rated “DRAW” on Fabulous 16 at Bob Morton front-page is a banker pair since Week 4, 2018.
First Setting:
Week 4:
1st Draw: 34
2nd Draw: 35
banker: 35xxxxxx (0-0)
Second Setting:
Week 5:
1st Draw: 27
2nd Draw: 8
Banker: 8xxxxxx (0-0)
Third Setting:
Week 6:
1st Draw: 8
2nd Draw: 11
Banker Pair: 8…pair…11

Free Nap: ???

Week 04 Bob Morton Paper Forecast: 4th August, 2018.

Coupon number 1 and 47 are the chief cannot draw from the aforementioned paper.

Step 1: go to Page 3 of Bob Morton. You will see two numbers at the bottom-right corner.

Step 2: those two numbers have been failing to draw since Week 46, 2018, except in Week 02.
Week 46: 35ff, 40fff
Week 47: 1fff, 40fff
Week 48: 1fff, 49fff
Week 49: 6fff, 49fff

Week 50: 2fff, 6ffff
Week 51: 3fff, 46fff
Week 52: 45ff, 49fff
Week 01: 12ff, 14fff

Week 02: 32ffff, 40xxxx
Week 03: 16ffff, 46ffff
Week 04: 1fffff, 47ffff

Here is the banker pair from Bob Morton. It ought to supply one fixed draw because it is a second time movement.

Will it play? I do not know; but, it is worth trying.

Step 1: Go to page 2 of Bob Morton. Your focus is on “CANNOT DRAW, DEAD GAMES” column.

Step 2: When two family numbers appears there, it is a fixed banker pair.
First Setting:
Week 49, 2018:
Cannot draw, dead games = 38/14/48
Banker pair: 38xxxx, 48xxxxxx
Second Setting:
Week 04, 2018:
Cannot draw, Dead = 32/38/12
Banker pair: 32 pair 12
PUNTERS Cup-of-Tea produces one banker every two weeks of play since Week 50, 2018.

Can you figure out the draw this week?

Week 50:
Punters Cup = 37fff/3xxx/20fff
Banker: 3xxxxxx
Week 52:
Punters Cup = 32fff/43fff/8xxxx
Banker: 8xxxxxx
Week 02:
Punters Cup = 21fff/38fff/6xxxx
Banker: 6xxxxxx
Week 04:
Punters Cup = 34…?/46…?/30…?
The Fixed banker draw of the Week is coupon number 11.

In Every Purple Colour, “Fortune Box” is channeled out this sequence.

First Setting:
Week 48, 2018:
Fortune Box = 23xxxxx
N.Geelong vs Melbourne V @23xxxx
Second Setting:
Week 52, 2018:
Fortune Box = 21ffffff
S.Melbourne vs Melbourne K @21ffff
Third Setting:
Week 04, 2018:
Fortune Box = 11
Wigan vs Sheffield Wednesday @11 (..?..)

More Forecast to come in Week 05.

Week 05 Bob Morton Paper Forecast: 11th August, 2018.


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