Why Are Racksterli Investors Prone To Panic, Unnecessary Anxieties?

I started monitoring the activities of Racksterli as far back as July, 2020, that’s more than three weeks after Racksterli 1.0 made its debut in the affiliate marketing industry in Nigeria.

I decided to invest into the Racksterli Affiliate Marketing Income Programme in November, 2020 after a thorough due diligence research on the company.

From November, 2020 till date, I remained an investor of the company, and I have experienced Joys, celebrations, enthusiasm, sorrows, sadness, Anxieties, and frustrations just like thousands of other investors.

But then, one question that continues to reappear every time Racksterli is faced with challenges is: why are Racksterli Investors always prone to panic and unnecessary anxieties? Why are investors largely agitated and worried?

Racksterli investors spend so much time getting worried at any given opportunity, and most of these unnecessary anxieties are often fueled by unscrupulous elements fighting for both the downfall of both investors and management of the company.

Most Racksterli investors prefer to flow along with the misinformation, misrepresentation of facts, rumours spreading on social media, instead of faithfully, diligently, and dedicatedly studying and analyzing the facts available before them.

No wonder, thousands of Racksterlians are easily emotionally swayed and tormented by whatever garbage that’s available at the disposal on social media.

If only half of Racksterli investors could be open-minded, sincere with themselves, and analytical in nature, majority of the agitations, frustrations, worries and unnecessary anxieties being fueled on social media groups would not even surface in the first place.

For more than three days and counting, Racksterli has not disbursed payments to investors in the new advanced website that was launched on April 5, 2021.

This phenomenon has created a lot of panic, frustrations, anxieties, in the hearts of investors. Lots of questions have been raised with little to no answers coming directly from the management of Racksterli.

Thousands of Racksterlians have taken to various social media groups to express their feelings, frustrations, and anxieties at the continuous silence of the management of Racksterli on recent happenings in the company.

Several reports and information have surfaced on social media groups, but one of the highly factual stories on current happenings in Racksterli was exclusively reported on newsbeatportal.com

Writing analytically, while analyzing the facts available on ground, newsbeatportal.com reported on Wednesday June 9, 2021 that Racksterli had been unable to gain access to its Zenith Bank Business account. A story that the management of Racksterli have neither affirmed nor denied.

Few Racksterli investors are less worried and largely not susceptible to unnecessary anxieties that are being fueled by majority of other Racksterlians on social media groups.

Now, based on the recent exclusive analytical report by newsbeatportal.com, it is no longer relevant at this point in time for Racksterli investors to continue to clamour for the CEO of Racksterli, Mr Michael Chidiebere, to address everyone and shed lights on recent happenings.

Sometimes, investors worry themselves too much over unnecessary anxieties that they do not have control over.

Why are investors so bent on troubling themselves with these unnecessary anxieties that may likely raise their blood pressure levels?

Here is a recommendation for all investors getting really worked up and having unnecessary anxieties:

“If you are really worried about what is happening right now in Racksterli, then simply study and analyze the existing facts available on ground, and you will find out the truth.”

A wise man once said: “Three things can never be hidden for long. They are, the Sun, the Moon, and the Truth.”

If you want to get to know the truth, then you must observe, monitor happenings, seek the truth, and you shall surely find out exactly what is happening.

As you search for the truth, let this adage be your motivation: “To see and understand something that is not there, you must focus on what is there.”

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