Exclusive: Why I Started Writing Stories On Racksterli Affiliate Platform

Following the series of negative emotions, tantrums thrown at me ever since I started writing reports on Racksterli, I have decided to enlighten you all on my philosophy of life as regards why I chose undertake this task.

I don’t control Racksterli, I don’t serve Racksterli, and I don’t write articles on Racksterli to please or annoy anyone. I am an investor; and I have funds in Racksterli, including my downlines amounting to more than N15 million.

I was deeply affected when Racksterli 1.0 crashed back then in March 7, 2021. I was not only sad and disappointed, I was equally traumatized.

Apart from the lackadaisical attitudes of the management towards information management which was very evident at that time, I found out based on research that thousands of investors lost faith in Racksterli during the glitch and that eventually crashed the old platform.

But then, in order for you to properly understand my point of view, I like to share with you all my educational background.

I entered the University in 2003 and I graduated in 2007; I studied Philosophy, with special emphasis on Logic and Epistemology.

These two core courses: Logic and Epistemology, were the basis upon which I built my educational career.

In 2011, I did a Post Graduate Diploma in Education so as to properly understand how the society at large and the individuals living in the society think and function.

I took several courses in Education, especially Sociology of Education: this helped me understand the relationship between the school and society at large. In the quest to understand my environment, I went for my Master’s Degree program.

I studied Philosophy of Education at the Masters and graduated in 2018. So you see, a combination of my Logic, Epistemology, and Education helped shaped my world view and perspective of things and happenings in Racksterli.

Now, after the glitch, I found out that I could write out my thoughts on happenings surrounding Racksterli daily and publish them in a blog.

I found that websites and blogs have more credibility and publicity when compared to WhatsApp groups.

I looked for a website to develop my thoughts and came into partnership with newsbeatportal.com

From March 26 till date, I have been writing stories on Racksterli independently of public perception.

I had to reach out to more audience by sharing my insights and ideas to the larger audience using newsbeatportal.com

My objective was simple: report on happenings surrounding Racksterli irrespective of who the information favours or not.

More importantly, my determination was to report daily happenings on Racksterli based on facts, devoid of sentiments, fallacies, and emotions.

I had to research adequately and tried my best possible to report facts.

This is the reason I did not write stories on most rumours and misinformation and false information that spread daily on social media groups.

For example: rumours circulated on social media last week that EFCC arrested Blackgold, but why did I not write on it? There were simply no facts backing the story.

For a man trained in Logic, Epistemology and Education Philosophy from 2003 till date, I had to write happenings on Racksterli based on facts.

Why did I write the story that investors blocked Racksterli Zenith Bank account last week?

I wrote the story because the existing premises on ground led to the logical conclusion that there was a high probability that it could be true.

But then, the facts on ground don’t lie; did the CEO of Fieldsmine not come to acknowledge that more 30 Vendors on Racksterli have had their accounts blocked?

Fair enough, most of my stories do not favour investors became of my determination to be objective in my writing.

Why do I have to tell a lie or write stories based on rumours and feelings just because I want investors to be happy with me?

That would be totally unfair and inappropriate.

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