WHY Peter Obi Will Usher Nigeria into Golden Age Nigerians Crave For

My People, “how did we get here?” Nigeria became a laughing stock around the World. It’s inconceivable some youths could have such an incestuous affair with the bad politicians. Not all of us want Good Governance or A Better Nigeria.

By the end of 2023, their unholy affair would have reached a crescendo. By then, the bad, old, corrupt & incompetent guards would have no further use for the miscreants among us.

The incendiary activities of some of us, is becoming an inconvenient embarrassment for the #EndSARS Soro Soke Movement. Atiku, Tinubu & their agent provocateurs became the ‘Golden Triangle’ of corruption, of Gerontocracy & of their big brother – hubris.

Courtesy of some of us, the PDP and APC are making their way into mainland Nigeria. By 2023, this cancer would have come full circle. It’s the whiff of money season we are in.

That dynamics between poverty & hunger, greed & hardships, greed & hubris, will force some of us to accept a full-scale money politics. The melting pot is being built as we speak, it’s being arranged. This youth culture of ‘greed’ won’t end well for some of us. NO, IT WON’T!

I guess we know that already. As we begin to withdraw from the bag eggs among us, charlatans masquerading as politicians, will begin to ship their incendiary agendas & propaganda into our midst to divide us.

It’s such an irony in Nigeria that the people most affected by the mad inflation, the hunger & hardships, deaths & brutality, are in bed with the wicked politicians fueling the brutality & hunger.

So how did we get here? Many of us still don’t know what to do. Some of us are implicated in this growing chaos & confusion.

In early 2016, Buhari showed his hands as an inept, aloof emperor —“Baba Go Slow.”

That was the beginning of his reign. His first obvious sign of what his New Empire would look like. But he didn’t fly alone. We was flanked by many youths otherwise called the infamous BMC.

They are the worst form of humans, scumbags, scum of the earth, provocative & vexatious as they come. The significance or the symbolism behind what some bad eggs among us have done, will never really be understood until the General Election is over.

Elections have consequences. Nothing ever happens by chance. The ripple effects of all that has happened on Bubari’s watch, will reverberate for a century. Unless Peter Obi is on the saddle, we cannot walk back the hands of time.

The dangers & diabolism left in his wake, will take the life of Nigeria, for good. Nigerians were bombarded from all angles. Japa became the only hope, sort of succor or respite from the whole brutality that became Nigeria.

By forcing Nigerians to become refuges & destitute in their own country, Buhari & the APC reduced Nigeria to a fiefdom of slave masters & workers. Many were left to die, their feet rotten in their boots.

The anguish, teeth gnashing & devastation left in the wake of Bubari’s ascension to power, will be talked about for a millennia. I’m documenting the stories & writing a saddest memoir.

The circumstances surrounding Buhari’s throne room is wrapped in mystery, plot & manipulation of public opinion. In somewhat mysterious circumstances, there’ll be no international outcries, no protests in Nigeria, no bonfires.

Nigerians will continue to live in peace under Great Fear. Fear best described as the “Pax Nigeriana” or Nigerian Peace. Now his reign is drawing to a close, he wants to handover the reins of power to another Gerontocrat like himself.

We the Soro Soke were dealt with the most chaotic brutal blows in 7+ years. Despite more than 7 years of covert operation against Nigerians, when the time finally came for the youths to rally round a formidable Third Force, some of us sold out.

Many of us will have to detox when all these chaos & confusion is over. Sometimes I wonder from where we draw our strengths & the oxygen to carryon? We are the strongest youths to greet the continent of Africa, YES WE ARE!

“The bigger they come, the harder they fall.” They have much to lose than we do. So we shall continue to fight, & fight we shall!! We ain’t giving up. We will take the fight to them via our PVCs, until the Throne of Good Men is restored.

Peter Obi will usher in that Golden Age, that very ‘elusive’ fighting chance. Or we all die trying. The race is a marathon not a sprint. And after Peter is sworn in, Nigeria won’t remain the same. Patriotism & progress will become the Anthem. The mood of all of Nigeria.


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