Winstar Pools Forecast Paper banker for Week 41, 2017/2018 Season

We are here to share with you a special fixed pool banker draws for this current week from Winstar forecast pools paper. If you use this paper to forever draws and you understand it, kindly drop your games using the comment box.

Win star is the world’s leading sports and pools Journal, which is published by Willy Tips Ltd, in the United Kingdom and reprinted here in Lagos, Nigeria.

Now, before I proceed, I like to draw your attention to the fact that my games may necessarily not supply on weekly basis.

In the past couple of weeks, my forecast have been 80% reliable and spot on. This has led several users of this site to call my line requesting for further instruction on how to partake in my weekly games.

I want you all to understand that in this business of pool, past performance does not guarantee future performance. Simply put: the mere fact that my previous posts have gone according to its predicted outcome is no guarantee that this week may work as posted.

I am not discouraging from using my games, but I just want you to understand the complexity of this business. Most times, when you have doubt about a game is exactly when it delivers. And the reverse is the case: when you trust a game to play is when it fails.

I believe you understand better now that you need to invest in my games wisely, invest what you can afford to lose so that when things don’t work according to plan, you do not suffer tremendously.

So games do I have for you this week from WinStar pool paper?

Win star pool key states: the middle number of the Centre Star column is set to play for at least two more weeks before it ends. The Centre Star column is located at the front-page of the forecast paper.

Week 35;
Centre Star game = 15xxxxxxx
Ipswich vs Sheffield United (0-0)

Week 36:
Banker game = 12xxxxxx
Brentford vs Middlesboro (1-1)

Week 37:
Center star game = 7xxxxxxxx
Oldham vs Walsall (score draw)

Week 38:
Center game = 14xxxxxxxxx
Ipswich vs Millwall (2-2)

Week 39:
Center game = 2xxxxxxxxxxx
Bournemouth vs Crystal Palace (2-2)

Week 40:
Center game = 10xxxxxxxx
Barnsley vs Bolton (2-2).

This Week 41:
Centre Star game = 18
Potential banker = Sheffield Wednesday vs Reading @18 (2-2)

Do you have good sequence and banker pairs movement from the above forecast paper? Kindly drop them below, thanks!!!!


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