‘Your Money Is Safe, Your Refunds Sure’, A Racksterlian Tells Old Investors

A Racksterlian, Mr Omooba Adesida Akinpelu, has written to every investor that are yet to get their Invested Capital back from the old Racksterli website to remain calm, be hopeful, and trust in the refunding process initiated by the management on March 28, 2021.

Narrating his ordeal in one of Racksterli’s Vendors groups on WhatsApp, he noted that investors should support the CEO and entire management of the company in their quest and determination to refund Invested Capital back to subscribers.

According to Akinpelu, the CEO of Racksterli, Mr Michael Chidiebere, deserves to be applauded by showing his face, giving up his true identity, and staying through the storm.

Meanwhile, Mr Michael Chidiebere revealed on Tuesday that Racksterli had refunded over N2 Billion back to thousands of investors that invested in the old website.

Read the report in full:

“Greetings everyone. I have not spoken on this platform since I joined. I have been observing, studying and enjoying the jabs from one participant to the other. I have a reason to speak now and you all should listen and learn.

“Maybe I should fill you in on where am coming from? Yes, such that you can understand the depth of the flow.

“I joined Racksterli more than 2 months ago, just two days before the glitch with a 560k investment (2 diamonds). When the glitch happened, I still found it in my heart to trust the process and I enjoined so many people to join. And they did.

“As I continued to wait, and followed on BG updates on live videos et al, I still believed in the process, it wasn’t easy but required.

“My point precisely is that that person of BG is someone to look out for. He is rare. What he has achieved so far is phenomenal, unexpected, unbelievable and gargantuan in the neighborhood of enriching people.

“Even the best corporations in the almighty USA would not give such ROI. Don’t get me wrong, I had never received one ROI for that matter from the Racksterli fame.

“But some participants here received that mouthwatering ROI for 8 months before the glitch and they still are the first to complain that BG is not performing. Had I gotten some ROIs for just 4 months, I will not bother to ask for refund during the glitch.

“Now, a father of 5 that I am equipped with education but incapacitated by the economic situation of the country; I put in my family welfare savings into Racksterli.

“The money was locked in for more than 2 months. I never for one day complained but I was fervent in prayers. A digital marketer and reporter, it could have been all in the news that I was scammed but instead, I followed the flow of events with wisdom.

“I was not happy with some of BG’s approaches to situations but the Boss was putting in his best. He needs more hands in management and strategic planning but he made do with all he had.

“He showed his face, gave his name and stayed through the storm. BG needs to be applauded. Nigerian Banks should learn from him because they make more in multiple folds than him but for themselves alone. At least, BG still shares his profits with investors.

“What now happened? As I continually messaged BG to no avail, I gave up not until I chatted with Ashabi, one of the best staffs BG corporation would ever have; she came to my aid. Gave me listening ears and facilitated the solution to my refund.

“Dear members of the group, all you can do is support this young man with the rarest kind of personality in BG and engage him fairly and you are sure to get response and reactions in the affirmative.

“To cut the long story short, BG responded to my chat for the first time in two months yesterday with the question: “Please sir, send me your dashboard and decide which one you would prefer me to do for you. Cash refund or code. Either ways, you’d get it right now instantly.”

“It was not only magical, but unbelievable. For the sakes of my children’s school fees, I opted for outright refund. And viola!!! It was like a movie or dream.

“BG sent my refund of 560k to my account like play like play. I yelled, I cried, I sang songs of praises. If it were some other platforms, forget your money for good.

“Please, brethren in the Rack’s family, trust the process, support this young man with money wits and let’s take Racksterli to the moon. Believe him, your money is safe and your refund is sure, all things being equal.

“Thanks for reading my epistle. Ashabi, if you read this, please, accept my appreciation once again.

The contents of this article is a personal opinion and not an expert advice on investment or finance, please take note.
Omooba Adesida Akinpelu.

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